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on Virtual Safari #201

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Hi Sean, I wonder how often hyenas hunt for themselves and how much they live of the carcasses they steal from leopards… I suspect they thrive also thanks to leopards skills. It should be interesting to rewrite datas about leopards successful hunts attempts and hyenas and on the balance of the two species. Surely hyenas are not so sought after as trophies. May the Nkoveni female be pregnant again? She’s formidable

Depends on where you are, in some places hyenas hunt a lot more than others. Here I think they tend to steal a lot more that they hunt because they can. The leopard densities here are high and so that they have the opportunity to steal more.

I didn’t realized hyenas would sometimes stash carcasses in water to hide the scent. Great strategy! I’m glad the Nkoveni female got at least a little something to eat from her efforts, although it’s disappointing that she lost most of it. No doubt it made the hyenas’ day.

Yes, I have seen it on a few occasions that hyenas drag the carcass into a pool of water and stash it there to hide it. It was disappointing but like you say, at least she got a bite or two.

Thanks Sean for the great footage. She’s in incredible condition. Beautiful animal.

The Nkoveni Female is a stunning leopardess.

Great virtual safari video Sean. Thanks for posting.

Thank you so much, William.

Hi Sean, that was a phenomenal sighting of the Nkoveni female. Such a pity the horns got stuck on the fallen tree stump otherwise she would of taken the kill up a tree. But that was not te be and the hyenas once again stole a kill from the predators. It looks as if Londolozi had good rains recently, as we have also just got 42mm rain in Kranspoort.

It was a great sighting of the Nkoveni Female. Sadly, she didn’t manage to steal the carcass back. We have had a lot of rain recently and so the bush is looking amazing.

It’s always heartbreaking to witness a leopard losing their carcass to another predator when they’ve worked so hard to capture it, especially a ram. However, considering the size of the prey against the body weight of Nkoveni, it can be a problem to hoist it immediately into a tree, therefore risking the loss. It is how the world works in the lives of wild animals, and in the end, she’ll catch something else and move on. It was terrific video footage Sean, especially filming her as she was trying to make her getaway, only to be tripped up by the horns. Additionally the late afternoon light on the hyenas was especially nice as they were finishing off more of the remains, as well as Nkoveni at the little waterhole quenching her thirst.

It is heartbreaking. Especially, when you see them lurking close by and hoping to try and steal something back from the hyenas. It is a pity that the horns got tangled up and she wasn’t able to get away with the carcass.

Sean, Fantastic video and great story-telling! Nkoveni almost stole it back – amazing how fast she could move with the Impala. It will be interesting to see how she does with her territory exploration!

She very nearly managed to steal it back but unfortunately dropped it. I think it is going to be very interesting to see if she continues to push south or if she is happy to settle with the territory as it stands now.

Great video, Sean, with this wonderfully golden light. Hyenas have to eat, of course. But they are still such sneaky creatures always stealing from leopards their hard earned meals. But it is really exciting to watch all this action. The Nkoveni’s belly looked pretty full, so she must have had at least some meat, mustn’t she?

Yes, of course hyenas have to eat but it is just heartbreaking for the poor leopards that lose their carcasses to the hyenas. She did look as though she had eaten something and also she looks as though she was pregnant in this video.

Great video Sean! So much action and intrigue with iconic moments of thievery and countermeasures. The finale of the Nkoveni Female enjoying a well deserved drink of water was as beautiful as it was apt! Bravo!!

Thank you so much, Paul. It was a great view to finish off the sighting with.

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