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Roxy is the secret behind anything design-orientated that happens at Londolozi. A brilliant artist, some of her drawings defy belief, and her work can be seen in almost every facet of the lodge's day-to-day workings, from event posters to the simple tweaking of ...

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on 2024’s Travel Trends: Why Londolozi Checks All the Boxes

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Absolutely checks all the boxes

Inspiring blog, Roxy. We appreciate all the facets of a luscious Londolozi experience.

I don’t know why it’s taken so long for these trends to catch on in the mainstream. Perhaps accessibility to the general public? Now that we’ve had a taste of it, we don’t want to travel any other way. It’s truly the most elevated, yet grounding experience. Thank you for paving the way!

Wonderful aspects of traveling, Roxy
Londolozi offers everything …

Roxy, thank you for your insights. Unfortunately we will not be able to come this year.

Londolozi checked all my boxes. We were a group of 5 ages ranging from low 40’s to upper 70’s with major concern being accessibility. My concerns were unfounded. The staff were like family making sure we had good access and visibility to all the wonders we encountered. Beyond great!

Londolozi certainly covers each of these elements! There is nothing like experiencing the wonders of the Southern sky in a totally silent setting.
Roxy, your work throughout the camp, especially in the Healing House, is magnificent!

Yes, a stay at Londolozi definitely ticks all the boxes! I’ve enjoyed my stays so much that one of my best friends is spending the week with me in October – counting the months!!

Forsure Londolozi have all the boxes are ticked. I have never been to Londolozi yet, but who knows what the future holds. Paradise in the four Camps and so much to do. You are a wonderful artist Roxy, keep it up.

Roxy, Great to see a post from you and we hope you had a great holiday! You are right – Londolozi does check all the boxes and we love checking them off with all of you! We can’t wait to bring our grandchildren on our next visit!

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