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Xinkhova 2:2 Female

Xinkhova 2:2 Female

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Plaque Rock 3:3 Female

Plaque Rock 3:3 Female

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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on The Week In Pictures #628

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This is a wonderful TWIP as a prelude to the Christmas holidays, Sean. Whether you’re celebrating with your “blood” family or Londolozi family, it will be a joyous occasion filled with love and laughter, plus you have a new daughter that will join in the celebration.

As far as favorite photos, the new cub(s) take first place as who can resist those adorable spotted babies. I did spot the cub in the final image, towards the left side where the two boulders form a V shape. It’s so tiny next to those massive rocks. Another favorite is your stunning sunset, followed my the detail shot of the elephant’s ear.

Thank you for your kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed the photos, especially the adorable new cubs and the sunset. Spotting the tiny cub by the boulders was a great catch! Wishing you a joyous holiday season filled with love and laughter as well

Sean, what wonderful pictures this week. Favorites are the Tawny Eagle, the Plaque Rock females adventurous cub, and the last peek-a-boo..

I’m thrilled you enjoyed the pictures, especially the Tawny Eagle, the adventurous cub of the Plaque Rock females, and the last peek-a-boo shot.

The leopard cubs are so cute!
I also love the oxpecker sitting on the giraffe’s horn and the elephant skin, caked with mud looking like the bark of a tree.
Thanks for all the beautiful photos, Sean.

Thank you for your lovely comment! I’m glad you find the leopard cubs cute – they’re real charmers! The moments with the Oxpecker on the giraffe’s horn and the mud-caked elephant skin resembling tree bark were indeed special. I appreciate your kind words and am thrilled you enjoy the photos!

Senior Digital Ranger

Nice job, Sean. Some absolutely great photos for TWIP. Merry Christmas to you and everyone at Londolozi . . . from Arizona, USA.

Thank you so much! I’m delighted you enjoyed the photos. Merry Christmas to you too, all the way in Arizona! Wishing you a joyful and festive holiday season.

As always the photos are amazing!
But by far, how can you resist the Plaque Rock female & her cub(s?) i just melt when I look at them❤️ I also very much love the photo of the Vultures. They are just grotesque, but somehow beautiful…
Love that you make us all feel like we are there with you… Thank you…
Merry Christmas to All …
California 🎄

Thank you so much, Barbi. Merry Christmas to all.

Great pics. The tiny cub is in the bush just below mother.

Thanks so much, Jack. The little one is down to the left in between the two rocks.

Sean, Your photos are fantastic this week! We especially love the Plaque Rock cub on top of the crest on its own! Super cute! Merry Christmas to you and your growing family! We are sure you will have tons of fun with your kids and the special Londolozi family for the holiday!

Thank you for your kind words! I’m thrilled you enjoyed the Plaque Rock cub on the rock – they are indeed super cute moments. Wishing you a Merry Christmas as well! It’s a special time with my growing family, and celebrating with the Londolozi family adds to the joy. Have a wonderful holiday season!

My favourite just has to be one of the Plaque Rock’s cubs, I think the one of the 2 cubs together…cuteness personified!
Best wishes for a fab Christmas and New Year to all of you.

Thank you for your wonderful comment! I’m delighted the photo of the Plaque Rock’s cubs, especially the one with both of them, captured your heart. They are indeed cuteness personified! Best wishes to you for an amazing Christmas and New Year as well.

There is no way I can pick a favorite among the multiple images of the Plaque Rock Female and her cubs….well done

I’m glad you enjoyed the images of the Plaque Rock Female and her cubs. It’s always a special experience capturing their moments. Your kind words mean a lot!

Love the variety this week Sean! From macro images to broader scenes, and everything in between I enjoyed every one. Festive blessings to you and your family.

Thank you for your kind words! I’m thrilled you enjoyed the variety in this week’s images. Festive blessings to you too and wishing you a joyous holiday season!

Hi Sean, such stunning foto’s this week and it is hard to choose only one favorite foto. I did find the little cub in the peek a boo foto. The cub is between the two rocks on the bottom left. My favorite foto is the Plague Rock female lying in see of greenery. Also loved the foto of the Plague rock female’s two cubs tucked away in the shade. I am sure Seb will share the limelight and the spoils at Christmas with his little sister Olivia Rose. May you Sean, and your immediate family, and the Londolozi family enjoy a wonderful Christmas full of love, joy and peace.

Thank you so much for your kind words and keen eye! I’m thrilled you enjoyed the photos, especially finding the little cub in the peek-a-boo shot. The images of the Plaque Rock Female in the sea of greenery and her two cubs tucked away are special moments indeed. Your warm wishes mean a lot. May you also have a wonderful Christmas filled with love, joy, and peace!

Of coarse that tiny cub is just the cutest…but I love the first shot of the Plaque Rock female in the light. More than the beaks of the vultures…their talons are so impressive!!!! The smaller vulture is actually a really gorgeous bird (can’t say the same for the one on the left)! Another fabulous week! Happiest of Holidays to all of you! Looking forward to 2024 adventures! Cheers!

I’m glad you find the tiny cub adorable, and the first shot of the Plaque Rock female in the light caught your eye. The details of the vultures’ talons are indeed impressive, and I agree, the smaller vulture has its own beauty. Cheers! and happiest of holidays to you too! Here’s to exciting adventures in 2024!

How I wish I had been at the Plaque Rock Female sighting. Glad you were able to capture those incredible photos. All the best for the holidays!

Hi Sean, the unbeatable leopard cubs are my first choice of course, a symbol of the Silent Night to come on with their mum. Also the impala lamb too, and the lion cubs sweet and cute! Then all animals and pictures are excellent, I particularly like the giraffe and the small birds.

Thank you so much, Francesca. I am so glad you enjoyed many of the photos

Merry Christmas to you, Sam, Seb, and Olivia. I’m glad that you manage to find the time to enjoy your wonderful family. (Please semd out holiday greetings to your dad!.) We look forward to seeing all of you again when we return in August.
Loved the Yellow-fronted Canary and Blue Waxbills photo!

Baby leopards……nothing much cuter in the African wilds!

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