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After a few years of working in the world of economic consulting, Kate’s love of adventure, wilderness and sense of curiosity led her to move away from the city and join the Londolozi guiding team. It was amidst her years of studying politics, ...

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on Guiding With A Tracker: An Ode To Equalizer

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Thank you, Kate for this beautiful tribute to Equalizer. We were beyond lucky to have gotten to know him over the many years that we have been coming to Londolozi. It is always a highlight to be graced with his warm hugs and his charming personality when we are able to return. I treasure his friendship.

I remember Equalizer from back in 2014, when he was our tracker with Josh. He told me his mum called him Equalizer because his birth gave her an equal number of boys and girls (I was never quite sure if he was just winding me up!) The ranger-tracker bond is amazing, and the guests of those lodges which try to save money by not using trackers (like your eastern neighbours) definitely miss out – it doesn’t matter how good a ranger is if they’re on their own.

What a collaboration the Tracker and Ranger achieve to be able to find the wild animals that the guests are so desperately looking for. Good communication between you and your tracker Equa will result in a career filled with respect, trust, integrity, responsibility and lots of care for each other. In the process you Kate have learnt so much from his wealth of knowledge and experience.

Kate, what a lovely ode to your tracker Equalizer. It is often apparent that there’s an unspoken bond between the guide/tracker team during a drive , especially when it comes to tracking lions, leopards or cheetahs when a subtle hand movement can change the trajectory of the vehicle.
May you continue to share many more good times and exceptional moments as you drive into your third year together.

What a nice story Kate, having a wonderful working relationship with someone is truly very special.

I made my first safari experiences in Botswana and Tanzania where they don’t have trackers.
But over the years in South Africa I have learned to appreciate this ranger/ tracker duo. It is indeed wonderful, especially when both work perfectly together and are appreciated in the same way.

Kate, What a beautiful story about your relationship with Equalizer! We know him well and were so happy to see him on our last visit to Londolozi. His smile tells it all when you see him! We are sure that the relationship and experiences the two of you have will be forever embedded in your special memories! Please send him our love and we will see you both on our next visit to our favorite place on earth! Merry Christmas Kate and Equalizer!

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