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on A Sighting of a Lifetime- Mother Cheetah Carries Her Cubs

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What a magical Londolozi moment!

Oh, Kirst! What a joyous sighting! How lucky are you and your guests to have witnessed this event. I share your excitement!

Seeing those tiny and adorable cubs being so gently carried by their mother, brought tears to my eyes. I would say THAT thrilling and emotional experience is something that definitely qualifies as a “sighting of a lifetime”. Your guests had to have been over the moon and perhaps speechless, as well as you and Lucky. I agree that not using familiar den sites like leopards is a disadvantage for cheetahs as their cubs are much more vulnerable. Bushes and grass don’t seem like good options to hide as well as feed such tiny cubs, but that is inherent behavior. Given the southern area of the property and its vastness, I hope that you will come across this little family once again.

How incredibly marvelous. Your photos are amazing and thank you so much for sharing with all of us. I think the youngest cheetah I have ever seen was around 9-10 months old, so these photos and descriptions are thrilling.

Oh, Kirst, how incredibly magical! First a leopard with three cubs and now a cheetah with three cubs! Perhaps the Tsalala lioness will soon give birth to three cubs of her own to round out the trifecta. 🙏

Once in a lifetime viewing , plus the news update on the Tsalala female lion, gives us hope for the future.

Kirst, your blog along with Sean’s about the leopard triplet of cubs is the best of the year! Nothing bring so much joy and positive feelings as a mum with cubs, and newborn cheetah rival in beauty and cuteness with leopards! They are the sweetest, most exquisite and precious little things. Only three cubs, a triplet for her too. I asked to myself sometimes why do cheetah produce more cubs than leopards usually. Different survival strategies by two lonely predators… I hope this number brings them luck and they both manage to raise them all, although it is so hard. I understand you, in your shoes I would nearly cry I think! Thank you!

What an absolutely wonderful experience you had, Kirst!
Just reading about it moved me to tears. It^s great that there are some cheetahs at Londolozi and that they obviously have cubs and thus there will be future generations.
I also think it’s great that you didn’t follow her with these tiny cubs and gave her enough space to transfer them to another safe (hopefully) place. The reward will certainly be the chance to see these cubs again when they are a bit older.

Kirst, thank you for sharing this wonderful sighting. Wishing the mother and cubs success in the future.

Kirst, What and amazing, emotional sighting – and what a gift that the mother Cheetah was denning at Londolozi. The images of the mother delicately holding with the cub in her mouth are touching – and you are probably right that it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thank you for sharing it all with us!

Simply breathtaking!!

Amazing!What a thrill that must have been for you

Oh Kirst, what a truly incredible and amazing sighting for you! Are there any records at Londolozi of this ever being witnessed before?

AMAZING!!! I hope we see them when we come back in May!

What a precious moment you had Kirst with your Tracker and guests witnessing such tender moments between a mother Cheetah and her 3 tiny cubs. So very small those cubs are and very precious. I really do hope she can keep them safe and that they can grow up to be 3 strong Cheetah adults.

Wow Kirst; incredible sighting! I absolutely love cheetah, and seeing a mother with cubs is brilliant!

Well what an extraordinary moment in the African bush! One to never forget! I still have yet to see a big African cat moving cubs by mouth in the years that I have gone on safari. However I have seen a mama jaguar swim her tiny little cubbies across a very big wide river….and actually carrying them across in her mouth (now that I think of it)! Also a bucket list never-to-be-seen-again moment!

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