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Plaque Rock 3:3 Female

Plaque Rock 3:3 Female

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on Cubs, Cubs, Cubs- Virtual Safari #196

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THREE CUBS! My goodness she certainly has her paws full with that litter. Given how rare it is to have a littler of two make it to independence, has there ever been a little of three recorded to do so? Regardless, it’s thrilling to see her new cubs–and almond such picturesque scenery!

She is going to have a ridiculously busy next few months but nothing that I think she can’t handle. I have never heard of a litter of three being all raised to independence here but I am sure it must have happened somewhere in the past.

Wow, that is right off the cuteness scale! Well done to you guys for finding her den, and of course especially well done to Plaque Rock for getting these mega-adorable cubs to this stage. Paws well and truly crossed that she’ll bring at least 1 of them to independence this time. She is such a phenomenal leopard – I still can’t believe that video of her catching a monkey in mid-air!

Thank you so much, Suzanne. We are so happy that we managed to find the den and can have such amazing sightings like this. The Plaque Rock Female is such an amazing leopardess.

Oh Sean that is so awesome and absolutely precious. Those cubs are so tiny and that one is so inquisitive. So special to see mom carrying the cubs in her mouth. She has moved them to a good den and I hope all 3 cubs will make it to adulthood. Hope her bleeding teat heals quickly.

Thank you so much, Valmai. The cubs are so cute and this was just an amazing opportunity to sit there and revel in the adorableness of the three little cubs.

It is harder and harder to get strong emotions nowadays, but with this video it strikes the point! A unique sense of elation, as you said, there’s nothing as beautiful and cute as a mum and her babies, especially leopard cubs! And seeing them moving, trying to walk around and stumble… suckling and sleeping. Thank you for this gift, it does warm the heart and brings beauty into this world!

Thank you so much, Francesca. Seeing these little cubs brought about so many emotions of pure joy, excitement, elation. We hope that she manages to keep them safe and that we have many more amazing sightings of them.

Well, you definitely broke the cute-ometer Sean with this virtual safari! I had to watch it a few times not only because those fluff balls are so precious, but also because I didn’t want to miss anything. I know three cubs isn’t unusual but it seems most of the Londolozi leopard births over the past couple of years have produced two. I would think raising three would be a difficult task for a female leopard, as between nursing and hunting, there’s not much down time. Nkoveni has been remarkable in raising two males to almost a year, but adding a third requires so much more effort just to keep them safe, especially during their early months, as a foray from the safety of the den could lead to a fatal encounter with any number of predators. I’m keeping fingers crossed for their survival and to give all of you many more minutes of viewing.

Thank you so much, Denise. The cubs are so cute. As you say it isn’t unusual but we haven’t seen a litter of three for quite some time. Raising a larger litter will have its challenges but at least it increases the odds of at least one surviving.

So cute, these tiny cubs.
Hopefully they will survive.

Hopefully, they will survive.

Wow, three cubs, the Plaque Rock female has her paws full. It will be interesting to see the future unfold. Thank you Sean for the wonderful video.

Thank you so much, William. She sure is going to have her paws full over the next little while.

So dang cute! Why do you think the third cub didn’t follow along the first trip (and how do they know to stay put)? So nervous for them! But excited to watch them grow! I hope this will be her success litter and all three make it to make up for her other losses!

These cubs really are cute . I think some of them are more reserved and shy than others and so maybe it didn’t want to follow, therefore her having to carry it. I think the one that ran along is the brave adventurous one and so even if its mother told it to stay put it wouldn’t have stayed.

Sean, That is a brilliant find and a fabulous sighting. It was beautiful to see how gently she was carrying cubs at the end of the video. Bravo, bravo!

Thank you, Michael. It was such an epic sighting.

Sean, excellent work, superb 600 usage! Thanks for taking us along, the cubs are adorable. Please say hi to Harleigh, Nick and Joy, Happy Holidays to Londolozi!

Thanks so much, Rob. Thank goodness I had the 600 with me otherwise it would have been a very tricky sighting to capture. I will certainly pass on your regards to them. Have a wonderful festive season and Happy Holidays to all over there.

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