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Robyn grew up in Johannesburg and every family holiday was spent exploring the Lowveld or camping around Southern Africa. Her love of nature and conservation propelled her to complete her Masters degree at the University of Edinburgh’s school of Geoscience. Although this gave ...

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on The Fascinating World of Kingfishers

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Yes, kingfisher sightings are diverse but always joyous (except for the poor little creatures being whacked senseless before being devoured).

Robyn, fascinating blog about the kingfishers. They are beautifully colored birds with great skill at hunting. The pictures you have shown today are outstanding, thank you for sharing.

Thanks, Robyn, for this interesting article on Kingfishers. I love these birds! their ability to catch fish and small prey is amazing. I love watching the couple of Giant Kingfishers from the causeway, or the pied ones hovering above the water and the absolutely gorgeous colors of the Malachite Kingfisher, to mention just a few.
Wonderful photos!!

What an informative story on the Kingfishers thank you Robyn. Their plumage are absolutely stunning and they are such good hunters. We have the Woodlands Kingfisher here in Kranspoort and it breed last season in my neighbour’s yard. When the two chick’s hatched they came to my yard and I saw both of the chick’s and two days later I only saw one of the chick’s. The mother was feeding the one with insects and it was perched here on a wooden bar, which made it easy for me to take fotos. I have also seen the brown – hooded Kingfisher here. I am sure if I go near the dam I will see other Kingfishers that are here. They are good for the eco-system.

they are so cute and pretty…love them

The Kingfishers are beautiful and intriguing small birds and until I read your article, I had no idea that they also contribute to the ecosystem. I also didn’t know about the subspecies so thank you for including that information. If I had favorites to view whilst staying in Londolozi, they would be the Malachite and Giant Kingfishers, but truthfully, any of them are special.

That is an AWESOME collection of an amazing species!

Master Tracker

I have been fortunate to visit Africa around twenty times and Londolozi provided three of my all time favourites . We parked up at the Causeway and waited for Kingfisher activity and were rewarded with a Giant Kingfisher diving and catching a fish , one of my all -time bucket list items.
(The other two being a caracal and a melanistic leopard)

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