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Mashaba 3:3 Female

Mashaba 3:3 Female

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on Guess Who Is Back: The Mashaba Female! Virtual Safari #190

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How marvelous…welcome back home to the grand dame

Indeed. Its good to see her doing so well.

So very delighted to see the Mashaba Female again !!!

As were we all.

Elation shared! There are animals seemingly favoured by nature, and then suddenly lost. She is not, she has great teeth, looks big and not thin like some other leopards or lions that are in their last years… her eyelids look peculiar, like an old classy lady. I remember the last Majingilane lions, how they recovered… I guess it’s too demanding for her to have another litter of cubs, sadly, but she still may be a queen… she hasn’t the haunted look of old animals at all!

I agree, everything about her still presents as though she is fit and healthy. She doesn’t appear as though she is on her way out at all.

How wonderful Sean that you were able to capture such extraordinary video of the “Grand Old Dame”, Mashaba. Albeit thinner than when I last saw her in April, and exhibiting a few more scars, her demeanor belies her age. Her gait looks strong, no apparent leg issues to inhibit her hunting prowess, and given the Impala lambing season is just around the corner, she should be able to continue to sustain herself. I came to know Mashaba via the blog several years ago, so during my first visit to Londolozi, fingers crossed on each drive, I was looking out for her. Alas, my hopes were dashed on that visit, although I viewed other significant predators, and it wasn’t until this year’s visit, that my wish finally was answered. I can’t answer why it was so important to see her, but perhaps it’s because she represents a successful survival story, protected from outside dangers , and living in a reserve that has intentionally provided a natural environment that endeavors to support all living things.

She looks to be in fantastic condition given her age. I am sure she will be around for a while longer and hopefully, we are able to enjoy a few more great sightings of her going forward.

Sean, wonderful video on the Mashaba female, thank you for sharing.

Thanks so much, William.

She is such a pretty leopard! Hope she sticks around and doesn’t have any trouble from other leopards.

We hope so too. It will be nice to have her here for a little longer.

Oh Sean, that is the best news ever hearing that Mashaba is back on Londolozi ground, in fact where she used to hunt and walk around. As you say she knows that area very well. She is still my favorite leopardess and maybe she is coming home to where she feels safe. She is old now and cannot fend off many predators, so just maybe she feels safer there close to camp where she always used to roam.

Maybe, she is coming to spend some time here in the area she knows well. We will keep an eye out for her and see if she stays in this area.

Hello Sean. Isn’t it quite frequent that old leopards, especially females, are returning to their birth places as the age?

Yes there tends to be somewhat of a trend with that happening.

It’s great to hear again about the Mashaba Female. I hope that she will be around for some more time. It is always so nice to follow the animals through their interesting lives.
By the way, how many successful litters has she had?

She unfortunately has not had the greatest success with the litters of cubs she has had. In her 15 years she has only raised two daughters, the Nkoveni Female and the Ximungwe Female.

Sean, you totally made our Sunday! Fantastic news that our Mashaba is back! Terri is elated! As you know, she is our favorite and we were lucky to see her on our last visit, on our last day, for just a few moments when we were very far south. Hopefully she will stay in the area that she knows so well, and we will look forward to future reports from you and the team about how she’s doing. Thanks for the great video!

Thanks so much, Michael. It was great to see her again and I hope she hangs around a little longer. We will keep an eye out for her.

Senior Digital Ranger

So wonderful to see her again! Even though she’s aged she still just as real and beautiful as ever 🙂 I do she hope she’s OK end it was nice to hear your reassurance on that note. It’s hard not to worry about the old girl 🙂

Apart from the slightly courser hair and looking a little tattered on her face, she was looking in great shape for a 15 year old leopard. I am sure she will be fine for a while longer.

Been my screen saver for a decade! Wonderful sightings!

She is an amazing female leopard.

Beautiful development, and hope she’s intent on staying around in her old haunts (pun intended, All Hallows Day here in the States)!!!!! Thanks Sean!

So wonderful to see Mashaba! We saw her in August 2019 and it is great that she is still here with us. She is likely the oldest female in the Sabi Sands at the moment, and we should all celebrate her long life!

It really is so wonderful to see the Mashaba Female again.

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