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on Are Nile Crocodiles Territorial?

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I’ve always wondered, what are common causes of mortality for adult Nile crocodiles?

Hi Adam, An estimated 10% of eggs will survive to hatch and a mere 1% of young that hatch will successfully reach adulthood. With regard to Adult Crocodiles, mortality is often caused by poisoning or contaminated water sources by human activity. Larger crocodiles will kill smaller adults.

Nick, Thanks the in-depth look at the Crocodiles and the great images. Your data was really interesting and easy to understand. Now we will need to spend more time with your local Crocs on our next visit!

Thanks for the comment Michael and Terri! We will certainly do that, and you never know we may witness one surging out of the water after some prey!

Thanks Nick for your informative report on the formidable crocodile accompanied by some amazing images. These prehistoric creatures tend to be thought of as vicious predators until you learn more about their lifestyles as you’ve done here.

Hi Denise, yes they are formidable and very interesting creatures. Best to keep clear of the waters edge when they are around though!

Master Tracker

A very lyrical and informative article.

Thank you very much

Thank You for reading, Ian.

Master Tracker

I don’t always respond, but I know that many others will agree with me in that what takes us two or three minutes to read, may often take two to three hours to prepare and sometimes two to three days . They are much appreciated

Thank you, Ian. Your comment is well received and we are glad you enjoy the daily blogs!

Nick the Nile crocodile scares the living day lights out of me. They always seem ready to attack at any given moment. So staying a way from the waters edge is a good start. Hippos and cross living together in the water shows the respect they have for each other. Hippos are also very dangerous just as the crocodile is. Good to watch them basking in the sun from a distance.

Thanks for the comment Valmai.

Thanks, Nick, for this informative article and the great photos accompanying it.
These animals are formidable creatures indeed.

Thanks for the comment Christa, Im thrilled you enjoyed reading it.

Thanks Nick for a very interesting blog. I love seeing crocs as they lie in wait by the causeway, but only from the safety of the Land Rover!

Thanks Suzanne. They are so interesting to observe from the causeway, especially at night.

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