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Ross was born and raised in Durban, spending many a family holiday in the northern parts of KwaZulu Natal. It is here that his love and passion for the African Bush developed. He decided to combine his love of working with people and ...

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on Winter’s Floral Delight- The Impala Lily

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Hi Ross, thank you for writing about a favourite topic of mine, flowers and insects! They are so stunningly beautiful! Besides their unique value as life keepers, they delight the view and lift the spirit. The grasshopper is new to me, it looks quite elegant in fact. Not like the lovely antelope that bear the flowers name but indeed beautifully coloured. A lovely surprise!

Ha! One of my regular photos from our winter visits is the impala lily. It actually helps me locate where we are in the great Londolozi landscape. Thanks, Ross, for this quirky post!

Senior Digital Ranger

What a beautiful flower.

Such a striking plant the Impala Lilly. Always showcasing their beautiful colour in the winter months. We used to visit the Kruger Park in the month of June for quite a few years. Right by the Biyamiti office is a Impala plant, which welcomes you when you sign in for your stay at Biyamiti. Thanks for telling us about the caudex stem on the plant that stores water in for the drought months.

The Impala Lily is a beautiful little flowering plant and sadly I’ve never seen one during my trips within South Africa. The intense pink of the one featured is certainly eye catching but deadly at the same time, save for the few lucky species. This is a nice detour Ross from the animal, avian and reptile species.

I always have a special appreciation for winter-flowering plants. They brighten up my spirits every time. Tony’s grasshopper image was incredible! Thank you for including that with the blog. Why are they called impala lilies?

Such a beautiful flower! Thanks, Ross, for the interesting article about it.

Ross, amazing pictures of the impala lily and the grasshopper.

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