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Nhlanguleni 3:2 Female

Nhlanguleni 3:2 Female

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on Nhlanguleni Female Plays With Cub on Boulder – Virtual Safari #183

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It is gratifying to see Nhlanguleni with her cub today, albeit disheartening to learn she has lost the other. We know it’s a difficult life for leopards to safely keep and raise their cubs, all the while needing to leave them in order to hunt. It was interesting to observe that all the while this little cub was moving around its mother, nuzzling her at times, Nhlanguleni remained rather stoic, a human attribute. Perhaps she was looking out for danger. Terrific video Sean.

Even though we never want to see a leopard cub lost, perhaps this is nature’s way of concentrating resources to the surviving cub to increase its likelihood of survival.

I noticed last week and this week that the video quality is different somehow, but I can’t find the words to describe it, more crisp perhaps? Did you upgrade your equipment?

Another weekly video that doesn’t disappoint. Beautifully done.

Thank you Sean for the wonderful video of the Nhlanguleni mother leopard and her cub. I especially enjoyed the elephant interrupting the peaceful scene.

Hi Sean, so glad that there is least one of the cubs still alive and doing well. Very precious to see mom and cub interacting with each other. The den is quite secure for the cubs, and she can sit on the boulder and rest and at the same time look for intruders. Wow that was a hug elephant and right there were the cubs is hiding. Any noise or disturbance sends the cub into the den for safety.


Amazing set of chance circumstances and video Sean! the footage of the Nhlanguleni and her cub are priceless, and made even more incredible when kept in mind as the elephant came into the scene at the very same spot! Just wow!!

How did you edit out my crowing in the background? 😂 Will always remember that sighting.

So great to see that at least this one cub survived the hyena’s attack and is doing well.
A wonderful video, Sean, with these special interactions between the Nhlanguleni female, her cub and the elephant.

Superb! Leopards (a cub in addition!) Cuteness overload and the mum looks regal. The elephants walking through the vegetation are a great view as well! I watched Kids in the Wild, i wonder why do leopards, cheetah and even lions (luckily in the documentaries no cub or pup was lost) loose so many litters, why hyenas and wild dogs manage to survive in such high numbers. I’m so sad an hyena got the other cub, unluckily for other mammals they are very intelligent animals that never give up to get a chance to eat anything! Maybe they have a too high concentration in several areas in comparison to the other carnivores…

Charming video today!. Nhlanguleni is unfazed by the young cub’s antics–remarkable discipline to keep watch.
The den appears to be in the same location as when we saw her last month.

Thank you so much, Vin. Yes so she kept the cub there for some time but I believe she moved it not too long after this video.

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