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on Londolozi Photographic Studio – We’ve Upgraded

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Excellent! Maybe one day. 🙂

Kirst, We love the Photo Studio and it was great to run into you there on our recent visit! We always book a time with our ranger after our first game drives to make sure our camera settings are right and to get a little coaching on the images we have shot. It takes a little time to remember all the details for shooting wildlife as we are not doing it on a regular basis. The new M1s and Adobe Lightroom are a match made in heaven and the prints are spectacular!

This incredible service is unmatched anywhere. I took advantage of it shortly after it opened. The images produced in the Studio, by the extremely talented Alice Constatin, are still among my favorites. I highly recommend that all who visit Londolozi visit the Studio.

Fantastic Kirst and Londolozi is always ready to assist in the best camera equipment and processing in Light room. Wonderful to know and I am sure the guests will be delighted in all the options available to them.

Nice upgrades, Kirst! It was about ten years ago that I had my first Lightroom lessons from Amanda at the old photographic studio. I still have some of those images on my walls and I continue to use Lightroom to edit my Londolozi shots after every visit. I’m so grateful to have had the introduction with hands-on help!

Kirst, Londolozi has it all when it comes to photographic equipment. Thanks for the information.

Fantastic news! The studio was was a great place for looking at one’s photos in a larger format, but the new M1 Mac 24” will really bring them to life. The canvas prints are the best tangible souvenirs one can take home! Love mine!!

A wonderful service, I will certainly use it next time.
Somehow this time I didn‘t realize somehow that I could have used it.

Fantastic opportunity for a refresher after a 2 year hiatus from shooting wildlife.

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