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Amanda is the Londolozi Marketing Manager & has been in the marketing, advertising & creative industry for 15 years & the health and wellness industry for 9 years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Journalism from The University of Cape Town ...

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on Let Nature Show You The Wild Woman

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Well Amanda this was absolutely eloquently expressed and exactly what I could not put into words. Whether it as at Londolozi or at the top of a glacier in Iceland it is in these wild natural places that channel my connect to the wild woman inside of me. This was perfect timing as I count down the day until I embark on my trip that brings me back to where I found that connection like nowhere else before-Londolozi for the 7th or 8th time (I lost track). I hope to meet you and Jess while I am there. I will be staying for 5 nights beginning on the 14th I believe. Although I have been peaking at the blogs and enjoy seeing the latest in the lion and leopard dynamics nothing has resonated the way your words have! write some more blogs please -this was phenomenal. Hope to see you soon! Irene

Amanda, thank you for this blog about the wildness within each of us. A special thanks to Jesss for her story about her immersion into Londolozi and nature and life.

So true Amanda, and Jess your story on the wild woman inside you is must just be justified, so you can live that life of the wild woman inside you. As you say there is no place to hide at Londolozi. Wonderful story and it is absolutely astounding to live at such a stunning place called Londolozi, surrounded by wild animals and the clean fresh air that takes your breathe away.

Amanda, this is the most beautifully expressed story illustrating the ways each person can find the wild woman within themselves as well as the most meaningful blog I’ve read to date. Jill’s words resonated with my own Wild Woman, bringing tears to my eyes by the end. I’m fortunate enough to have spent an evening with three of the ladies of Londolozi, including Jess, and I returned to my room with the feeling that they all had a true connection with nature in all her elements – I was completely awed! My wild woman intensifies each time I visit, reigniting at my first venture into the wild, never knowing what’s ahead, but always thrilled and appreciative of nature’s gifts of the moment. My grandfather introduced me to the wonders of nature and photography when I was young and during those special times with him, my wild woman emerged. It disappears in moments of sadness and crisis but I know how to retrieve the light by simply going back to nature. Looking forward to more of your writing.


Stunningly beautiful story Amanda, and Jess’s video was brilliant! Thanks so much for these deep insights, and I will carry them with me as explore the wild.

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