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on Introducing the New Beastly Male Lions To Londolozi- Virtual Safari #177

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Senior Digital Ranger

Great video. We met these lions on June 27, while they were enjoying a zebra (much more than the zebra enjoyed it). I was struck by how beautiful these males were They didn’t appear to have any battle scars at all!
Thanks for sharing!!

How exciting! Great video of these new male lions. How old are these males? Do you know their lineage? I haven’t been to Londolozi for over 5 years and I am returning next month. The Birmingham Males were at the end of their reign I believe while I was there. I have lost track of the coalitions that are currently there. Is there an article on the lions dynamics that you are speaking of? Could you perhaps do a blog on them? Hope to see you in September!

Very interesting! How far north were they, Sean? – any females with cubs nearby?

Senior Digital Ranger

Good stuff Sean

Love your blogs and video updates so much! It’s the first thing I check on in the morning and it makes my day everyday! Can’t wait to be there in about 2 weeks and meet you all in person!! Greetings from Boulder, Colorado from both of us- Jim and Marion

Really interesting, Sean, all these new lions at Londolozi. It will certainly be pretty exciting to see what’s going to happen when these coalitions meet.
I am looking forward to seeing them.
By the way, in the sky there werde lots of clouds. Is there still some rain?

Sean, impressive video of the Gijima lions. They will certainly be a force in the future of Londolozi’s lion dynamics.

Wow Sean, they look quite ruthless and they are huge. I see the one’s mane hair is a little darker than the other one. Oh my goodness there is going to be one huge fight for dominance on Londolozi. I quite like the Plain Camps male lions, but we will just have to wait and see what happens with these two Gijima males. Sean please take a look again at my account, I cannot see the monthly points again. It keeps on giving a blank screen. Thanks so much.

Very impressive boys who have made a name for themselves in the little time they’ve been in Sabi Sands. Lets see how the Plains Camp and Ndhzenga’s react to them. Even with them being down to only two now I still have faith in the Ndhzengas.

This was a fantastic video to view today Sean of the two Gijima males. What was so impressive is that you were able to zoom into the chewing of the the carcass by one of them while the other one slept, trying to digest all that meat that had expanded his belly. However the best section of the video for me, was the tug of war between the two of them with a zebra leg, surprising me that there was no growling. Normally during a feeding fest, there is a lot of grunting, growling, snarling…… I saw these two during my visit to the property south of you and was awed by their stature and manes. Needless to say, the male lion dynamics should continue to provide many more blogs.

Thank you for today’s observations on the lions’ dynamics. Love to watch your videos!

Went to YouTube to like video but it was removed.

Sean, Once again, lion dynamics are changing! It will be interesting to see how they move into their new territory!

Terrific video of two superb creatures. It seems it’s going to be a constant clash of two against two, considering the coalitions, excluding the Skorro male. Lionesses with their cubs must be on the edge, as they have constant been. I wonder what will the Tsalala female do…

Senior Digital Ranger

Spectacular manes! Very different coloration. Thanks for the video.

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