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Nkuwa 3:3 Female

Nkuwa 3:3 Female

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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on Nkuwa Female Leopard’s Adorable Cubs Cross the Sand River! Virtual Safari #176

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Denise Vouri
Guest contributor

How wonderful that Nkuwa has raised her cubs to this point, given the loss of her previous litters. I had read that she was denning in Singita, so I know how thrilled you all were to see her once again. Seeing her makes me wonder where her sister is – last I heard she had moved further south but I don’t believe she’s there any longer. Great video!

Valmai Vorster
Master Tracker

That is fantastic to see the Nkuwa female and her two cubs. Are both cubs females, shame the one is very skittish and is always lagging behind. Hopefully she will soon be more at ease. But it was fantastic to see them and mom. Hopefully she will stay on Londolozi property for now.

Mary Shabbott

The weekly videos never disappoints. Beautifully done and always show a love and respect for wildlife and their habitat.

Tammy Hynes

Do you not think with all these people making these wild animals so comfortable around people, there natural defense is taken away which would make it much easier for hunters, poachers to kill them?

Suzanne Gibson
Master Tracker

Wonderful, especially the drone footage. The last time I saw Nkuwa she was about 6 months old herself. Welcome to Vomba’s great-great-grandcubs!

Michael and Terri Klauber
Master Tracker

Sean, A fantastic video! The aerial footage is so cool. How exciting to have Nkuwa at Londolozi with her cubs. We hope to see you and maybe those cubs in a couple weeks when we are at Londolozi!

Francesca Doria
Master Tracker

Wow what a treat! Such a lovely surprise! Are they a female and a male?

Chelsea Allard
Master Tracker

Wonderful to see them all together! Refresh my memory–is this her first litter, or did she lose one previously? Fingers crossed she’s successful.

Christa Blessing
Master Tracker

Beautiful video again, this week. How nice that there is still another mother with her cubs in Londolozi’s area.
I saw this leopard two years ago in a tree enjoying a meal.
Hope to see her and the cubs again.

Andrew Purnell

Great post Sean (and team),
As a former Phinda guide, your Londolozi Stories help to keep me sane so far from the bush (Somerset West). Just watching the wind in the grass evokes a nostalgia that takes me right back into the excitement of heading out on a morning drive wondering what the day holds in store…
Thanks for sharing

Kylea Potvin
Digital Ranger

Beautiful serene video! We saw the Nkuwa female a couple of weeks ago when we were there, got some stunning photos of her, but she didn’t have the cubs with her. That was a lovely combination of the footage from the rover and then the drone – thanks for such great coverage! Looking forward to hopefully seeing them both grow!

William Paynter
Master Tracker

Sean, beautiful video!

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