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Robyn grew up in Johannesburg and every family holiday was spent exploring the Lowveld or camping around Southern Africa. Her love of nature and conservation propelled her to complete her Masters degree at the University of Edinburgh’s school of Geoscience. Although this gave ...

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on Structural Adaptations: Nature’s Remarkable Tooth Transformations

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Excellent physiology lesson, with superb pictures and subjects! They are all among my very favourite animals. I particularly like the hippo with vegetation in its mouth, it shows the formidable eater it is! And it looks funny

Robyn, thank you for the interesting information on teeth. Evolution creates unique animals all well adapted for their survival.

Well now Robin that was a phenomenal summary of the these animals teeth, which off course plays a mayor roll in their lives. Just looking at those canines of the lioness, gives a person a whole lot of thinking of how they tear their prey to be able to eat, quite scarry. The incisors of the hippo is also not something you would like biting you. And yet there are many accidents where people have been bitten by hippos. The buffalo chews and chews his long grass with such ease, and looks as if he is enjoying every moment of it. Well written Robin, and thanks for the information about their teeth.

Thanks Robyn for this great article on teeth.

From your range of stories, Robyn, you have a wonderfully enquiring mind.

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