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Nkoveni 2:2 Female

Nkoveni 2:2 Female

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on Welcome to Londolozi: The Nkoveni Female’s Cubs- Virtual Safari #173

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Senior Digital Ranger

I’m thrilled that she is on Londolozi. Hopefully, I will get to see her and her cubs in 3 weeks. I spent a bit of time in 2021 as she was raising a cub then.

Please delete my duplicate post if possible.

Brilliant news Sean and I’m thrilled Nkoveni has brought her cubs back for our viewing pleasure. Your close up video shots are fantastic and it does seem she birthed a male and female this time, thanks to your using the 600mm lens.
I’ll be rooting for her to successfully raise another set of cubs, further continuing the Sunset Bend lineage. Let’s hope there will be many more sightings of these three!

We are thrilled the Nkoveni Female has brought her cubs onto Londolozi too. Thank goodness for the 600mm.

Nkoveni is such a successful and wonderful mother-amazing . Saw her with her litter Plaque Rock (with Nick Kleer ) and the sisters Stone Drift and Xinkhova ( with Alfred ). And now again two cubs, Hope they will make it .

The Nkoveni Female is an amazing leopard to view. We wish her luck with these cubs.

Thank you, so much for this stunning viewing. Absolutely wonderful, to see these newest additions to the Londolozi, leopard family. Can’t wait to follow the development of these beautiful cuubs.

It is going to be great to watch them grow and develop.

Fantastic video of this little family.
I hope I will see these cubs in a few weeks. There is nothing in the world that can compare to young animals and especially to leopard, lion and cheetah cubs. Keep my fingers crossed that these cubs will make it. She is such a successful mother; I saw her last litter when they were tiny cubs and now they are beautiful mature females.

Lets hope that these cubs are around a bit more going forward.

Senior Digital Ranger

Sean..good stuff as usual.

Thank you so much, Jim.

Yay, I got all 3 questions right from your puzzle on Friday – do I get extra points for that?
Wonderful video Sean, many thanks.

I wish I could allocate more points.

Fabulous video of these two precious leopard cubs. Can’t wait to watch them grow up through your cameras.

Thank you so much, Karen. Let’s hope that we get to see them a fair amount more going forward.

Sean, beautiful video of the Nkoveni female’s cubs. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed the playfulness of the cubs.

The cubs were so playful. It is always entertaining watching them.

Hi Sean, this is one of the greatest news of the year! A formidable mum she is, following her own mum but luckier than her, she carries on the Sunset Bend legacy and hopefully keep it strong with these two adorable little cubs. A male and a female, things couldn’t be go better! The den is well hidden and difficult to reach for predators or natural enemies, I keep my fingers crossed for this fantastic family!

It really is fantastic news. Let’s hope she can keep them safe.

Hi Sean, this is the best news ever. Those two tiny fur cubs are so so precious and full of energy. So wonderful to see them playing with each other and roaming around the nearby area. So very glad Mom Nkoveni brought her two cubs back on Londolozi ground so that we can see them grow up. She is such a stunning and extraordinary mother, she will raise them up to maturity.

We are also happy that the cubs are here. Let’s hope that we get to see them growing up.

So glad to finally meet these two little cubs. How incredible it would be for her to raise intact litters back to back! No pressure. 😉

No pressure at all but it would be an incredible feat.

Sean, your video is exceptional and the news about Nkoveni’s cubs is super exciting! We have great images of her and her mom when she was very young – so wonderful to follow her life!

Thank you so much, Michael and Terri.

Terrific news Sean, and here’s to rooting for the Nkoveni female and her new litter!!

It is such great news to have them on Londolozi.

so fabulous!!!

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