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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on Surprised By A Mother Cheetah And Two Cubs- Virtual Safari #166

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Senior Digital Ranger

Great Sunday Video, Sean. I love watching ellies! Love catching photos with the ears forward & flapping. Cheetah are definitely the cherry on top!
70 days and counting!

I love watching ellies too. They are awesome.

Senior Digital Ranger

What wonderful pictures of elephants and cheetah!

Thank you so much, Sandra.

I’m in total agreement with you Sean re spending time within an elephant herd. I love watching the little ones playing with their trunks, each other and always under the eye of mom or another female. And then not one cheetah, but three – how fantastic! I’ve been home two weeks now and suffering major Safari withdrawal. Watching your videos brings back such happy times but also missing the staff, my guide/tracker, jaffles on the beach, the village, David and his farm, and those amazing bao buns!! Cheers!

Spending time with a herd of elephants is such an enjoyable thing to do. Yes, we were super lucky to see the cheetahs. It was such a surprise. I guess that is a good thing that you are missing it all, I hope the videos carry you over until your next trip.

Great video, Sean. I love being in the midst of a large herd of elephants. As you said, they are so entertaining and it’s such a pleasure to watch the mothers and their young ones.
For the last two years Londolozi has really been lucky to have so many cheetahs around.

Being right in the middle of a herd of elephants is such a special place to be. We have really been lucky with the cheetah viewing in the last few years.

Great video Sean. I really liked the up close with the elephants.

Thank you so much, William.

Another week and another wonderful video of nature in balance with humans… Great to see how all those elephants feasting with luxurious vegetation and perfectly at their ease so close to you… calves are adorable as always. Then the Mother Day’s gift, the two cheetah cubs that have survived against all odds! They look quite confortable close to you as well. Always a bit on the edge as their life is a constant run to escape enemies… but it seems they found a perfect place in Londolozi too.

Thank you so much, Francesca. It was an amazing time with the elephants and then the cheetahs.

Hi Sean, the elephants were so close to you and were quite at ease. The little calves are very cute, and very mischievous. Wonderful to see the elephant emerged in the water, how they love playing in the water. Very excited to see the mother Cheetah and her two cubs on Londolozi ground. So precious.

There is often a bit of a misconception that you cannot get close to elephants. I think that by carefully watching their behaviour and certain sues you are able to tell whether they are unhappy or uncomfortable and by using this you can then make sure you give them space.

After the amazing elephant sighting, we were so lucky to see three cheetah.

Senior Digital Ranger

Good stuff Sean…love the video game drives you do…keep em coming.

Thank you so much, Jim. I will keep them coming.

Senior Digital Ranger

On our way to TZ in a week..guessing we won’t have as much luck w leopards as you do at Londolozi but we will be trying our best. We go for a month each year and one of these days we’ll make a Lond trip. Looking forward to meeting you and talking photography. Big change this year…not going to carry 1D/600 mm etc because of weight and bulk as I get to be more of a senior. Plus I have 50K images thru the years. This year instead, using latest iPhone with terrific capabilities…only negative, no reach as with 400/600 mm. But lots of other shots and maybe we’ll be close enuf to leopards (right under the tree, etc) to even use the iPhone. Also, using binoculars instead of camera for first time to view safari. Regards. Jim

That is exciting that you almost on your way to another safari. Hopefully, we get to see you here sometime soon. I would love to sit and talk photography. The 1DX/600mm combo is great, but I agree it can be cumbersome. Sometimes it is great to actually put the camera down and just observe what is going on around you and binoculars are a great addition.

Nice work Sean, and nice seeing how you use all the different photographic tools to tell the story. And those cheetahs are just so darn cute…

Thank you so much, Rob. Cheetahs are awesome.

Epic day! Would love to be that close to the ellies! We were close but not THAT close!

Wonderful video of the elephants, but those cheetah!!!!!! Forget about it! Bravo Sean!

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