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After a few years of working in the world of economic consulting, Kate’s love of adventure, wilderness and sense of curiosity led her to move away from the city and join the Londolozi guiding team. It was amidst her years of studying politics, ...

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on Structural Adaptations: Eyes

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Senior Digital Ranger

Love all the pictures. I always try to capture pictures of the eyes. especially the eyes of an elephant with their long eye lashes.

Thanks Sandra!

Great article, Kate and lovely photos.

Thanks Christa!

Kate, this is a great educational blog. It’s really interesting how evolution has helped all these animals in such special ways!

Thanks very much! It is really interesting when you begin to unpack how all these animals have evolved.

Kate, thanks for the wonderful pictures. the eyes of all animals are fascinating and offer an intriguing look into their world.

Thanks William!

Kate, thanks for your detailed and educational blog targeting the eyes in animals and how they function in the species highlighted in your article. As I’ve mentioned previously, these informative blogs are welcome by all of us, wishing to know more about the natural world.

Thanks Denise! I’m so glad you enjoyed this blog.

The eyes of these animals are extremely large and so beautiful. They tell a story all on their own. Thanks for the beautiful foto’s.

Thanks Valmai!

Fascinating, informative and beautiful post Kate!

Thanks Paul!

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