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Jemma grew up on a farm in the Midlands Meander in Kwa-Zulu Natal and studied at the University of Cape Town. With little bush experience but with many hours of au pairing, teaching English and forming a love for travel, Jemma found herself ...

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on When Is The Best Time To Go On Safari?

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For me personally – Anytime. There is something about being out there that never gets old for me. Thank you for a excellent blog!

July was amazing!

Really love the winters: brisk mornings beginning with a hot cup of coffee & porridge; hot water bottles & blankets as the breeze intensifies the chill in the open vehicle; magnificent sunrises; as the day warms up, shedding the layers of clothing; unobstructed views of the wildlife as the foliage is down; no bugs; magnificent nighht skies.

Our first trip was during the first week of April. Whenever we return, I’m thinking June – I want to see those aloes in bloom!

Jemma, it sounds to me like anytime is the right time to visit Londolozi! Thank you for taking the time to review the pluses of visiting during each month. Maybe some day I will be able to come for a visit.

I’ve enjoyed visiting Southern Africa during the months of November through April, and have found that each of those months was a great time to visit, especially during Christmas and New Year’s! Eventually I’ll book a winter safari just to experience the difference in the weather, colors, water levels , etc, but this year I’m returning to spend the month of April in South Africa. For anyone who hasn’t experienced an African safari, my advice is just visit whenever you can – the bush, the delta, the deserts will provide you with sighting that will forever be inscribed in your soul.

I’ll be happy to just be able to come. Not this year but hopefully next if I can save enough money. Hopefully Londolozi but anywhere in Sabi Sands, I want to be in Mapogo territory.

I’d love to go to Malamala and see the actual split rock that the Split Rock Males were named after, you see it briefly in the Predators in Peril doc. Seeing Mohawk Avoca or the Ndhzengas would be amazing.

Spectacular photos! I think every month is a good one to visit the bush, depending on personal tastes and possibilities.

Anytime! I’d prefer blooming time though. Animals and spectacular flowers and light effects. Baby impala and wildebeest are our top choice here, of course big cats are always gorgeous especially leopards. The young zebra is also a cutie. I wonder if wild dogs pondered the chance of having passengers of the jeep as a meal….

When Is The Best Time To Go On Safari? For us, it’s anytime! But, yes, there are personal preferences…We especially love the fall – May, June, July – when it’s not too hot, not too cool, the vegetation is starting to brown and thin out, the animals a bit easier to spot. And there’s nothing quite like celebrating our “special dates” while at Londolozi which means early July. Then again, anytime in the bush is special time!

I think anytime of the year is good to visit Londolozi. Each month brings different scenes to Londolozi and with different seasons, it could just be magical.

Jemma, Ok, we agree that any month is a good time to visit Londolozi! Our visits have always been in July & August. We have always enjoyed stellar wildlife viewing and spectacular sunsets and star-gazing. Of course we know that any time you visit, the hospitality will be fabulous!

Thank you for your lovely descriptions Jemma. I am excited to be visiting very soon for my first time. It is very hard to choose a time to visit. I first thought the winter months would be best to view the animals but I wanted to see the spring and summer plants and flowers. Next time I will choose another season!

My favourite is now August/September. December has also been great – but so so hot – the pool is lifesaver in December.

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