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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on Virtual Safari: Ultimate Game Drive Highlights #140

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WOW! Although nerve wrecking it is amazing to see that small elephant stumble around your vehicle! Definitely a special moment when wildlife act naturally and approach you!

It was such a special moment and to be that close for that long was so awesome.

Wow Sean, what a fantastic video and encounter with the elephants. The trust they showed in being around the vehicle proves that Londolozi’s approach to animal viewing is the best. Great job. I only wish I could have been present.

Thank you so much, William. They showed an immense amount of trust and let me into their inner circle for a brief moment.

Wow – just WOW! I feel like my heart is going to burst open. I had a really powerful elephant experience during our time there and it remains as one of those moments in life I’ll never forget. A world without elephants isn’t a place I want to be. They are truly magical and significant. How envious I am of your experience, but also so grateful for you to share it with us.

I felt like that at the time. Elephants are such remarkable animals and I couldn’t have been luckier to have been immersed in their little herd.

Senior Digital Ranger

That’s awesome,thanks for sharing! What an adorable little guy.

He is such a cute little chap.

Almost too cute to be true… after studying what triggers the sense of empathy and protection towards some animals that have childish features to our eyes, I am still able to rejoice their
View without thinking and fully appreciate them..an elephant baby surely is the top!

I agree an elephant is right up at the top there.

Oh wow – that was incredible- what an amazing experience! That baby is so precious I can’t believe it . my heart was racing when the hyenas came and you stayed so calm… well done.

Thank you so much, Kara. I guess by just being in the moment and letting it all evolve around me was vital all the while keeping a very close eye on the elephants’ behaviour.

Sean that video was absolutely phenomenal, my heart was beating so fast when Mama came so close to you, so I can imagine how you felt. That was incredible and seeing that tiny calf is just the best ever. I am sure you were overwhelmed with emotion after that whole episode. Sebastion is close to 1 year now. How very special and privileged he is growing up in the wild and having you as his daddy teaching him everything there is to know about nature.

It really was an unbelievable sighting. I wish I could relive it over and over again. Sebastian is a very lucky little boy to grow up here surrounded by the wildlife.

Wow – what a sighting Sean. Very special and moving experience being allowed to be so close – exceptional

Thanks, Dad. It was incredible to be that close.

What an incredible sighting, Sean. It would have made me quite nervous as well because the mother and aunts of the baby were so close and those hyenas were nearby, which must have stressed them. Great, how you kept your calm and talked to the mother in a soothing voice. These elephants are such incredibly wonderful animals. I am soo looking forward to meeting them again.
Hope the little one is doing well. Greetings to all the elephants of Londolozi.

It truly was an amazing sighting but so nerve-racking.

Omg Sean, this definitely ranks in the top five videos, if not #1. It moves me to tears seeing this newborn elephant calf, being watched and protected by its mother and aunties. It’s not often you see an Ellie this young and when it happens, it’s an amazing as well as an emotional moment. I was fortunate enough to witness the birth of an elephant in Chobe NP and watched in amazement the teamwork of the other females as they worked together to bury the afterbirth, all the while assisting the little calf with rising to ITA feet! It’s a moment I’ll never forget and your video today brought back those same feelings. Thanks to Ross for alerting you and your subsequent video. As an aside, sometime you’ll have to post a photo of Sebastian in his safari outfit!!

It really is an incredible thing to witness. I am yet to see the actual birth but this was good enough for me. Maybe one day we will post a photo of little Sebastian.

Senior Digital Ranger

What a huge compliment and honoring to you that they used the vehicle as part of the protection for this gorgeous baby! They trusted you so much! I cannot imagine getting a bigger compliment that they knew the respect and awe you had and they shared this little one with you. So wish I had been in that vehicle. Great footage. I bow to you sir!

Thank you so much, Johanna. It was honestly one of the most incredible sightings I have had.

Senior Digital Ranger

Was that your heart beat I could hear!!?? That was a spectacular showing! Beautiful scene! Thank you so much!

It was a heartbeat effect in the background because that is how I felt at the time.

wow wow wow! how incredibly exciting! such an honor to have them let you be so close! on another baby note: do we get to see Sebastian in his guide gear?!! 🙂

I couldn’t believe they were so comfortable with me being that close to them and their little newborn. Maybe one day Sebastian might make an appearance.

Gosh Sean what a way to check in after a very long absence ! What an incredible ‘take your breath away’ moment spent with this tiny new born Eli. 💗 londolozi will forever have the most amazing sightings. Good to be back and watching your virtual safaris. 👌🏻💕

It was such a phenomenal sighting. I am glad you are back and able to watch them too.

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