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After a few years of working in the world of economic consulting, Kate’s love of adventure, wilderness and sense of curiosity led her to move away from the city and join the Londolozi guiding team. It was amidst her years of studying politics, ...

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on What Makes Elephants so Uniquely Fascinating?

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Yes,yes, wonderful blog about one of my favorite animals. Sitting in a vehicle in the midst of a breeding herd with females of all ages is magical, especially when it includes calves that are still suckling and have no control over their trunk movements, but still think they’re “big”. The accompanying photos are wonderful!

Thank you very much Denise! They really are incredible animals!

Loved this blog, Kate! Elephants are very fascinating! I have recently read Hannah Mumby book titled ‘Elephants’ and I appreciate them more now. What blows me away is that desert elephants can “sense the rains” from great distances away. Only one aspect that makes me say …WOW!

Thank you Gawie. There is so much to learn from these animals – I have not read Mumby’s book so thank you for the recommendation!

Special creatures. Sitting in a vehicle, listening to the low rumbling, going on with their eating, but not taking their eyes off you is so fascinating. Of course the little ones like most baby animals are one of my favorites.
Thank you for a most informative blog.

Thank you Babs, I am glad you enjoyed this blog.

Elephants are such fascinating and complex creatures as to take our attention, willing or not. So they made themselves deeper studied and interpreted than other large mammals. I hope there will be a peaceful relationship between men and Elephants all over the world, as they are impressively huge and the environment is getting reduced. My eternal elephant book will stay Life with Elephants by Ian Douglas Hamilton

Thank you Francesca. I agree, they are incredible animals (and thank you for the book recommendation – I have not read Hamilton’s book).

Lovely blog, Kate, thank you. It’s wonderful to be close to a breeding herd of ellies and hearing their rumbles. It always amazes me how such a large animal can appear as if from nowhere!

Thanks very much Suzanne. Agreed! Their silence and coordinated movements (when they suddenly move together with purpose and such cohesion) is always remarkable to witness.

Wow very in-depth and informative. I knew a bit of that information from previous trips but most of it was new -how great is that! Honestly elephants are outstanding . Just being in their presence is like imagining a time many thousands of years ago when they walked the earth. So ancient and wise

Thank you Kara. I am glad I was able to share some new information with you.

Fantastic blog Kate, thank you so much. I love elephants and I respect them for their size, intelligence, memory, sense of smell and touch. They are just loveable mammals. The calves are so precious and once they learn how to use their trunks they can be quiet entertaining.

Thank you very much Valmai.

Thank you, Kate for this interesting blog on elephants. Apart from the big cats they are also my favorite animals. And it is always a great pleasure and so entertaining to watch them, be it herds of them, young calves playing or “teenagers” mock-fighting and gaining experience. I do hope that these wonderful animals will have a good future…

Thank you very much Christa.

Kate, thanks for this informative blog on elephants. It answered questions I had not even thought of. The pictures were excellent.

Thanks very much William. I am glad I was able to share some new information with you.

Elephants are amazing, lovely, cool, fun, fascinating animals in every way…..and sitting with them peacefully while they go about their day is really calming and wonderful.

I couldn’t agree more, Lisa! They are one of my favourite animals.

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