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Keagan has always had a connection with wildlife, having been lucky enough to visit Londolozi as a child. After growing up in Johannesburg, he attended boarding school in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands where weekends were spent exploring the reserve and appreciating his surroundings. ...

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on Do Dwarf Mongooses Have Trust Issues?

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Very interesting today, thanks Keagan. I absolutely love to watch Dwarf Mongoose and now I also have something to look out for.

An Interesting blog & research done Keagan. I guess nature in general aims to obtain order & survival of species – A process intricate and difficult for us humans to fully comprehend. I was just thinking about the mortality rate of leopard cubs for example. If that individual cub (s) has that ‘to survive factor’ the species in general have a chance of survival? The same should be true of the mongooses. The weak / unstructured group or individual will probably be more vulnerable. I will also be paying more attention to the Mongooses! Thank you

Such fascinating little creatures, mongooses are! Thank you for the additional insight into their complex behavior and social structures.

Keagan, thanks for the interesting and insightful look at the dwarf mongoose population.

That’s quite interesting! I love learning more about the deeply dynamic lives of all the animals. I do enjoy watching mongoose. Especially when you just sit and let them become accustom with you and they just go about their day.

A very interesting blog, thanks!
It is fascinating what research has found out about these cute little animals. I love watching them.

Keagan these dwarf mongoose are very busy, they hardly sit still for long before going back to foraging. They seem to be very inquisitive and always looking around to see if there are predators. So I do think they tend to look out for themselves although there there is one being a lookout. They are cute and have the smallest face.

Great piece on these fantastic animals. One note: I think we worry too much about anthropomorphizing. To me, it is more rational to assume animals feel like us if it looks or seems like they feel like us…than to turn them into robots instead of the living creatures that they are. I’d say they have trust issues – and so do I, so I don’t blame them:-)!
See you all later in the month! And, hey, has an aardwolf ever been spotted on Londo?

Thank you for this interesting and informative blog today Keagan. I had no idea the dwarf mongoose had a similar hierarchy to wild dogs, and to that end, I suppose, meerkats as well. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised by the apparent lack of trust among the group when a new member arrives as I think this is common in all species, especially humans. I appreciate all of the research you did and I won’t look at these amazing creatures quite the same way when spotted.

Senior Digital Ranger

That’s a fascinating topic. Thanks for highlighting the issue and the research. I’ve wondered how they decide who will be sentinel. Is there a roster? Do they clock in for their shift?!

Dwarf mongooses are quite cute and funny on the surface…..but so much more intriguing as you learn more about them. Very cool about the integration of new “family” members!

Fascinating article! Thank you Keagan.

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