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on Hysterics at a Hyena Den

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I have to agree that hyena pups are just as cute as wild dog pups, and when out of their den, provide a comical scenario. At around 6-8 months, it’s not unusual to find the young hyenas playing with an abandoned bone, treating like a chew toy that domesticated dogs love. Good blog Kate.

Thanks very much Denise! Agreed, they are very entertaining to watch.

All species need to be observed first, and then conclusions make (well summed up by JamesT). The spotties are special in their own way. I absolutely love the black & white photos in this BLOG. Well done!

Thanks Gawie! I agree that the black and white images are beautiful.

fabulous story telling and great photos. Am sharing among my friends on social media and perhaps soon we can change the image of these lovely and loving hyenas.

Thanks very much, Karen! I hope everyone you share this with also enjoy the blog and images.

Absolutely great article Kate! So the den south of the airstrip would be the Sparta Clan’s den? You mentioned a couple dens on Londolozi. Where are they located?

Thanks Michael! The central den I am referring to in this blog is a den site off Strip road just south east of the airstrip. We also know of another active den in the south western part of our reserve (Moodies Fourways). There is also a den site in the northern part of our reserve but it has not been active for the last few months.

It’s so sad that hyenas have such a bad reputation. To me they are interesting animals, the pup are so cute and they are crucial to the environment. I wish more people would realise that.

Thanks Betty-Lou, I agree!

Kate, Thanks for the reminder of the cuteness of the young Hyenas! We have enjoyed several sightings at Hyena dens over the years and are always in laughter most of the time!

Thanks Michael and Terri – I am glad you have been able to experience the entertainment these dens can bring.

Great article on hyena cubs. There are really cute and so playful. I watched some brown hyena cubs the other day at a den and it was very entertaining indeed.

Thanks Christa, how lucky of you to have spent some time at a brown hyena den!

Kate, thank you for the bold about the Hyenas. They are indeed one of natures most needed yet detested animals. The young are certainly entertaining, thanks again for the pictures.

Thanks William, I agree!

Oh my goodness the hyena den we visited about two months ago at the property was so hilarious. The babies just were so curious… Luckily enough they came over to the car to investigate us and a naughty 😈 one went under the car , found some thing and came bounding out with the others chasing it. Nonstop antics – you must request to see a den on your next safari it’s a highlight!

Thanks Kara, I am so glad you were able to experience an active den site. As you say, it can be the highlight of our game drive if the cubs are out and active.

Great job, Kate, helping to improve the “reputation”of hyenas. I hope everyone has an opportunity to visit an active den with pups. One of our memeorable events was observing such a den and having 2 pups come to the vehicle and lick the tires.

Thanks very much, Vin. Amazing – yes young hyena are so curious and that brings a lot of entertaining antics to observe around the den sites!

Kate these little pups are very cute and so inquisitive. James has summed it up perfectly, by first watching and then coming to a conclusion. How we miss James and his intelligent topics and infectious laugh. Kate your foto’s are beautiful and your story well written.

Senior Digital Ranger

Love hyena.. It started around 2010 when live drives started showing us the hyena den and it had one tiny black cub (Teddy) and some older youngsters and the mothers. They are so very smart and have very close bonds with the other members of the pack. But truly, watching the young ones at the den is the best!

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