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Megan grew up at Londolozi, where her love for nature blossomed. With a degree in Visual Studies and Social Media Marketing, her journey came full circle when she joined the dynamic Londolozi Creative Hub, where her love for nature and visuals finds its ...

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on Magical Moments to Experience at Londolozi

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Megan, I think you covered 4 of the most magical moments that most of us experience during a stay in Londolozi, but I’ve one more to add. Whilst enjoying an evening in the lantern lit boma, a special magical occurrence begins when the Londolozi Ladies Choir files into the area with their joyous voices, and instruments playing in the background. Their performance certainly produces “goosebumps” and I look forward to it each visit. I have to confess that I love having the plunge pool as a place to relax and cool off after a busy morning, but I find so many other activities to explore/experience as well as engage in interesting conversations with staff and guests alike that the pool doesn’t get used often. No matter, it’s there when it counts.

Megan, an addendum: magical is a jaffle brunch in the Manyeleti riverbed or a breakfast picnic out in the bush; and let’s add in to the Londolozi Ladies Choir performance, JV playing his guitar and swaying along with them – that’s really special!!

Beautifully described, Denise! Thank you for sharing your magical Londolozi moments.

What a beautiful picture you painted with your story about the magic of Londolozi. Thank you Megan for sharing.

Such a pleasure, William. Thank you for reading.

Thanks for describing these magical moments.
I would like to add the chorus of all the birds in the morning while the sun rises and the evening sounds of the frogs,cicadas and night birds. It’s so soothing to go to sleep while they are having their nightly concerts. And sitting on my veranda during siesta and watching the birds,monkeys and tortoises that keep you company there.
These are only a few magic moments one can have in the bush, there are so many more…

Thank you for sharing a few of your magical moments, Christa. I couldn’t agree with you more, the sounds of nature are incredibly soothing.

Megan your description of the magic moments at Londolozi sound so beautiful and also breathe taking. I haven’t been to Londolozi yet, but the way you describe everything sounds just out of this world. From the game drive through to the boma area with the pictures to show is absolutely astounding.

Thank you so much, Valmai. Hopefully, you’ll be able to experience these magical moments at Londolozi soon.

A really nice blog Megan. Londolozi truly is a very special and magical place. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you very much, Leonie. I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

I love your descriptions of your magical moments, Megan. I can relate to each but need to add my #1 – the moment when a lion or a leopard walks right past my vehicle, almost close enough to touch, turns it’s head and looks right at me! Phew! Goose bumps just thinking about it!

Thank you very much, Mary. That certainly is a thrilling moment!

Sundowners are magical – nothing like the twilight hour in the bush. I would add: Sitting with a herd of elephants for as long as I can convince others to stay! On my birthday in 2018, I got to sit with them for a long while, with only the ranger, guide and husband along…a life event. Plus the ladies sang for me, I had a special picnic in the bush, staff gave me an elephant statue that I still cherish. All magical moments!

I’m elated that you were able to experience such magical moments on your birthday, Linda!

As I’ve not yet visited, this only makes the anticipation greater!! Thank you for bringing these four iconic moments to life for me Megan!!

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