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Ntomi 3:3 Male

Ntomi 3:3 Male

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Ximungwe 5:3 Female

Ximungwe 5:3 Female

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Nkoveni 2:2 Female

Nkoveni 2:2 Female

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Mashaba 3:3 Female

Mashaba 3:3 Female

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on The Week in Pictures #557

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Great selection of photos as always! Particularly the ones of the Nkoveni Female and bateleur. One thing, though on the photograph captioned as the Mashaba Female, it looks to me like it may be the Ximungwe Female. Any sightings of the Mashaba Female’s cubs lately?

Thank you so much, Michael. You are indeed correct. That was the Ximungwe Female. The Mashaba cubs have not been seen for a while but there have been signs of at least one that is still alive.

Senior Digital Ranger

Favorite is Ximungwe Young Male plans his next move on his ascent up a Marula

Thank you so much, Sandra.

It’s just impossible to say which photo I like best. They are all so fantastic! The birds, the little bee, the beautiful leopards, the elephants crossing the river, the impalas in the morning light, the buffalos, the giraffe bending down to drink – the cheetah mum and cub… Thanks for sharing to all the photographers of these beautiful photos.

Thank you so much, Christa. I am glad you like them all.

Sean, wonderful pictures of the leopards of Londolozi this week.

Thank you so much, William.

Kyle’s beautiful cheetah photo wins it for me this week. 😍

Thank you so much, Marcia.

Favorite photo is the cheetah family. But best description is the buffalo with a “certain debt collector look about him.” Perfect

Thank you so much, Willa. Buffalo do have that almost debt collector look about them.

Loved the cheetah photo. They are always turning their heads and looking.

Cheetah are always wary of their surroundings and constantly on the look out.

Kyle, you superstar, you knocked it out of the park with the cheetah and leopards! But I really wish I had taken a picture like the one of the impala harem because it tells a real life story … you can almost feel the leopard silently slinking its way through the grass toward them!

Sean the female bateleur is my favorite for this week. It is certainly a fantastic foto as she takes to the sky. Thanks for pointing out the difference between male and female, for us it is difficult to differentiate between male and female of the birds. All other foto’s are absolutely stunning and deserve to be framed.

Thank you so much, Valmai. I am glad that this caption of the Bateleur will help you identify the different genders going forward.

Thanks to this week’s image contributors for all of the terrific photos, once again adding to the difficulty of choosing a favorite. After reviewing a couple of times, my favorite image this week is Kyle’s mother and son cheetahs, posing on the branch. The bee is my second favorite.

Thank you so much, Denise. That is a good choice.

Hello, all wonderful, if I had to choose I’d pick the buffalo and the cheetah this week for different reasons. I love black and white pictures and that buffalo does tell a story of mighty battles. Cheetah were the perfect posers for a perfect – or purrfect-picture

Thank you so much, Francesca. I also enjoy Black and White images, this buffalo looks great and looks as though he has been through a lot.

Thanks for a great set of images! Our favorite is Kyle’s shot of the two Cheetah! Also loved his sunrise image on the Sand River!

Thank you so much, Michael and Terri.

Senior Digital Ranger

My vote is for Kyle Gordon this week. His quizzical up looking leopard definitely caught my eye, the cheetah cub sprawled like hanging on a clothesline was fun, but the Ximungwe young male with Mother playing not so nice is my Pic of the week!!!!

Thank you so much, Camille. Kyle has been taking some great shots lately.

Digital Tracker

Would love to be there right now! Amazing pics but my 3 faves are – starting with my favourite pic this week – the last pic of mum cheetah and her cub on the fallen tree followed closely by the stunning pic of the African Green Pigeons and the Ximungwe young male looking up the tree! The Bateleur taking off is also beautiful!! Great shots this week!!

Thank you so much, Carly. Those are three great choices.

The eyes of the Ximungwe Young Male captivated me as he glanced up the tree plotting his next move. Is the mother cheetah and cub the one that had a pair of cubs, and one was lost, or has this pair just been the two of them that we know of?

Thanks so much, Chelsea. This cheetah and her cub is the same pair that did have the two cubs originally.

The incredibly diverse and beautiful bird life in Africa continues to fascinate me. I have 2 New World parrots myself that I enjoy very much. The photos are stunning and I always learn something.

So many great photos!! Really love the sunbird photo for its colours and perspective. Thank you for all the photos!

Amazing compilation of photos! I find it very difficult choosing only one favourite!

Thank you so much Gawie. It can often be a difficult task to just choose one.

Another awesome TWIP set this week Sean. Starting off very strong with the stunning Bateleur capture, and ending with my favorites of late, the cheetah mother and her young male. Really wonderful!!

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