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on Another Scramble for Cubs- This Time for a Cheetah!

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How mega cool is this: A mother cheetah and four tiny cubs!
Congratulations on the photos of this amazing sighting!
Do your guests ever have any chance of seeing these cubs? Or can only the rangers and the photographic team enjoy them?

It really is so cool to have a mother cheetah with a few cubs around. Let’s just hope that they stay here and that we get to see them again. Yes, guests will certainly have a chance of seeing the cubs if they are found. I was just fortunate enough that I could react to the information of them being seen and get there quick enough to find them before they moved away from the road.

I saw five cubs in Namibia in September 2019. I tried to post a video but it won’t let me

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Superb, and proof you should be prepared to be surprised

The ostriches and cheetahs are signs of changing dynamics ?

It is indeed evidence that you should always be prepared and something I make sure that the camera batteries are always charged and camera cards downloaded.

What a rare sighting! How exciting and how lucky are you to have seen mum with her bubs. Sean are cheetahs identified by similar means to leopards ie by their markings? I know the rosette pattern on the leopard allows for accurate identification and I’ve heard a cheetah’s tail can be used in identifying a particular animal. Is that the case or is that a myth?

We were so lucky to be able to see the mother and her young cubs.
As far as I understand every cat has a unique coat and so their spot pattern is similar to our fingerprint. I have never heard of the tail being used as a means to identify them but I am sure there must be some methods to use it to help.

I can’t believe your luck! Poor mama with four babies to feed and look after, they are exquisite creatures, they purr and sound soft also in appearance. It’s a pity that females don’t raise cubs together. Human activity has put too a high pressure on this species. I know it is fairly unrealistic but I hope they will all get through

I couldn’t believe our luck either. The cubs were so cute and the best thing to be able to see. If only the mothers raised their cubs together it would give them a better chance.

Sean , how exciting to see these beauties. They are absolutely gorgeous with their long hair on their backs. Mom is doing a good job so far, let’s hope they all survive and grow to be stunning cats just like their mom. I’m sure you were thrilled to bits seeing these 4 beautiful cubs.

I really hope they do survive but the odds are stacked heavily against them for the time being.

Forgot to say thanks for the video, so good to see them out in the open on Londolozi.

It was amazing to see them out in the open.

Sean, That has to be one of the all-time, epic sightings! The video is spectacular and you did a great job of moving quickly to catch them! Thanks so much for sharing this special moment with us! 👍

Thank you so much, Michael and Terri. It was such an epic sighting indeed. I am just so grateful that I was able to react quick enough to get there and see them out in the open.

A fantastic sighting I wish I could have shared! I once saw a female cheetah with 5 little ones, an experience that I’ve never forgotten. You’re so lucky. Thanks for sharing.

I wish I could have shared this with you all but thankfully I was able to capture some amazing content that we could put out for everyone to see.

What an incredibly rare and special sighting, Sean. And those cubs are just heart-meltingly gorgeous!

Thank you so much, Suzanne. It really was a magnificent sighting.

How fortunate! Stunning experience! Great job, Sean!

Thank you so much, Vin. It was a once in a lifetime sighting and just glad I could get there to capture it.

Senior Digital Ranger

That was a wonderful video to watch. I absolutely love cheetahs. I truly hope and pray that mother cheetah and all her cubs survive. We must do all we can to protect these precious but vulnerable creatures. They have my heart, much like the Tsalala lioness.

Thank you so much, Lisa. I agree that we must do all we can to ensure these animals are safe and able to thrive.

Wow, how very exciting!!!

It really was exciting.

OMG, what a fantastic, perhaps once in a lifetime sighting you had! Your photos and video were amazing – those so cute little fur babies so alert and somewhat relaxed in your view.
I’ve only seen cheetahs this small in documentaries or photographs. Even the adults are hard to find as their territories are so vast. Thank you for this magical experience, even through a computer screen!

Thank you so much, Denise. It could very well be a once in a lifetime sighting. They were initially very skittish and ran from the vehicle and then eventually relaxed.

Wow! Seeing these four little grumpy faced cubs has made a good day even better. Thanks Sean!

Thank you so much, Marcia. They do look somewhat grumpy. I am glad it has made your day even better.

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That was the best article Sean! The video of mum and cubs, as well as those fabulous pics – has made my morning!! Cheetahs are by far my favourite of the big cats, and to see mum with 4 adorable cubs is the best. I’m hoping and praying that they’ll all survive to adulthood!!! They are such beautiful cats – and it’s great to bring the spotlight on them. Please keep us posted on this family if possible. Thanks!

Thank you so much, Carly. I am so glad that you loved the blog and video. Cheetahs are magnificent animals and to see a gorgeous mother with her four cubs was spectacular.

How wonderful to have that much with a mother cheetah and her cubs!!! Between the Covid and Phil’s health we are missing our annual trip to Londolozi. Hoping that next year we will be a blé to travel again to our favorite place! Victoria

It was such an amazing time with the young cheetah cubs. I hope Phil’s health improves and that you are able to travel back to Londolozi soon.


Thank you so much, Al.

Beautiful! We saw a mama and her two older cubs (almost as big as her but still with the little tuff on their shoulders) having an impala lunch in Masai Mara and got a amazing pics! So fantastic!

This is amazing Sean! I love the cheetah, and this is an awesome capture. It would be really really cool if this story is able to unfold and be followed like the plucky African dogs that we all followed during the lockdown part of the pandemic!!

Such an exciting viewing! My favorite-hands down- African predator. I fervently hope that young mother can raise 1 or 2 to maturity. I realize the odds are against her, but one can hope. Thank you so much for posting such a treat. The picture and video were wonderful to see.

Cheetahs are magnificent animals and just like you, I really do hope that this mother is able to raise the young cubs successfully.

This is definitely cause for excitement!! Cheetahs are so wonderful to view and their tiny cubs are just adorable in every way! I hope for the best for this little family!! Post photos whenever you can find them, please!!

A cause for huge excitement. I really hope that we are able to find them again soon.

I’m just getting all caught up on what’s been happening in preparation for our upcoming stay. This is so epic I can’t believe it!! What a dream. Maybe we will see them again, one can hope! Cutest ever !

Thanks so much, Kara. It truly was such an exciting experience. One I wish to experience again, although it is quite unlikely.

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