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on An Experience to Remember- Londolozi Repeat Guests See Three Different Pangolin in Five Days

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Senior Digital Ranger

Don’t know why there are many sightings right now but this is excellent footage. Fascinating creatures indeed.

Great Footage and Pictures Sean, I was the person holding your torch in April when we saw the first Pangolin sighting, second sighting was better a couple of days later but these pics are fantastic what a great sighting, carry on the good work love seeing your pictures and videos…

Master Tracker

Oh, so envious. A pangolin, a caracal and a melanistic leopard , are the three on my bucket list…

Great article. I have never seen a pangolin, so far. Would love to.


3 pangolins in 5 days, well that’s just greedy! Maybe I’ll get lucky on my 13th trip in November?

What a great experience for the guests and rangers! Melvin certainly seems to be a pangolin whisperer…🙏🏻💗👍

We did see a pangolin with you in 2019.
After that, we saw several at the research facility at Tswalu, Kalahari. Fascinating creatures! We enjoyed watching them try to capture food with their long tongues.

I like the theory about a more readily available food source as the reason for the sightings. Fascinating animals, thanks for sharing the pictures.

That’s a manifestation for sure! How incredible. It might be fun to look into the symbolism of the pangolin, as it could have been acting as a totem for all involved. Perhaps there is a symbolic message coming through that would resonate with the guests and trackers who found them. ✨

Yes, and for us reading this!

What thrilling experiences for all of the guests that were present during those days the pangolins were visible. In more than a dozen trips visiting safari camps , I’ve yet to see one, but I’m not giving up! It is interesting that more than one has been spotted in different parts of the reserve but I suppose there are different families that have been residing there for a long time, and when conditions are perfect for them, time of day to look for food is not as predictable – deep night their preferred eating time. The images and video were fantastic. Thank you for sharing ….

What a nice surprise! If there are so many around, Londolozi is definitely the right place for them! They are so confident, incredible

In hundreds of game drives, I have heard ‘what do you want to see’ countless times. Why do Rangers ask that as animals location can’t be predicted with certainty. Just curious as to your response. Thanks.

Absolutely extraordinary. I have been fortunate to see a pangolin last year in the western Sabi Sand, but to see 3 would be incredible! Lucky guests and guides!

Wow that was extra ordinary to see the pangolin and even more astounding to see them 3 times in 1 week. They are such shy creatures and would love to see one in real life.

This is an exceptional video footage and certainly one that is rare of the pangolin. Enter Tony Goldman, a superb photographer and long time visitor to Londolozi , and it becomes a win-win situation for all. My thanks for these rare visuals of the elusive pangolin!

Wow! I, too, am a bit jealous but also very HAPPY, as each pangolin there is one more chance at the species avoiding extinction! I think climate change is changing animal behavior is ways that are at first mysterious to us. That said, the jokes about those involved being “pangolin whisperers” are not off base: On my last eco-safari, the guide said he had not seen an aardvark in 4 years; I told him I would call one in for us; he rolled his eyes (internally); yep, we saw one! And the normally shy creature practically did a catwalk for us:-) Never underestimate our ability to communicate with – and hopefully save – these mysterious and wondrous beings!

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