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Jordan-Lee grew up in Durban in Kwa-Zulu Natal and studied a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English Studies, Art and History at Stellenbosch University. She then went on to do her postgraduate studies in Marketing and Advertising Communications at Red and Yellow in ...

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on Meet The Incredible Varty Camp Butlers

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Jordan-Lee, thank you for bringing the Varty camp team to life. What a wonderful group which make everyone’s stay the most it can be.

We enjoyed our stay at Varty, our initial Londolozi expereince. We always love running into Innocent regardless of the camp where we’re staying.

Thembi made our stay at Varty Camp so special! Nothing beats coming back from an exhilarating game drive to be welcomed by her warm smile and a glass of our favorite wine. Thembi pours so much love into all she does and we felt it each and every day!

What a fabulous job you have Jordan-Lee. Not only are you living in a spectacular place, but you’re surrounded by a team that offers laughs, warmth and years of experience that’s especially helpful when you’re a “newbie”.
I met and came to know Remind during my first stay at Founders Camp. I was looking forward to seeing him again last year, but he had moved to Varty. But then I had the best surprise when he came over to say hello and spent a bit of time catching me up with his family, etc. I believe almost all of Londolozi’s guests return in part, because of the staff. The attention to detail and the friendliness is apparent and one leaves feeling like you’re a part of the family. Thank you for recognizing your special team!

Can’t wait to meet all of these lovely humans. We will be at Londolozi for 9 nights beginning on 5/20 with our first 5 at the Varty Camp. We will be sure to not be fooled by “Guilty”.

“Inno” taught me some phrases, e.g. water, thank you, with a smile I filmed him on my phone so I can return often to his smile. I miss Londolozi!

A lovely blog on Varty Camp’s butlers. What a great team!

Good friendships come from being with each other everyday and learning from each other. Caring and being totally honest with each other goes a long way and can have an ever lasting friendship.

Jordan-Lee this is a lovely blog. What a great bunch of people you are. I know you will have the time of your life working at Londolozi. Your work mates sound fantastic. Lucky you. Thanks for sharing.

Senior Digital Ranger

What a lovely heart-felt blog describing the wonderful personalities of “the team” at Varty. It truly describes the feeling of ubuntu which is felt throughout a stay at Londolozi.

What a kind and loving description of your team, Jordan-Lee. It must be a joy to work at Londolozi. They all sound like wonderful people and I hope to meet them sometime soon.

Lovely tribute to your team/family Jordan 🙏🏻

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