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Nkuwa 3:3 Female

Nkuwa 3:3 Female

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Ashleigh grew up near Londolozi and thus it’s no surprise that her fondest memories were made in the bush. After travelling Central and South America for a year after school, she went on to complete her degree in Sport Science at the University ...

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on Staff Bumbles And Wild Coincidences

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Sometimes I find that just sitting quietly in nature is the best way to let nature reveal itself. A bumble sounds like the perfect opportunity for staff to relax and allow themselves to be immersed in nature without an agenda. Thanks for sharing Ashleigh.

Unbelievable coincidence!
I am always amazed at how lush & green the property is in the summer. Our 5 visits have all been in winter (July-August), when everything is brown/gray–but when observing the wildlife is easier.

Can’t wait to hear some of these stories! I loved the lighting in these photos, and all the greenery. Thank you!

Anytime I experience a synchronicity, I know I’m in flow with my Highest Self and the Universe. It’s always such an expansive feeling. I’m so glad the staff get to go out on game drives to experience the magic of nature as well.

I am sure the staff are very excited when there is a bumble being announced, then to make sure they book in time other wise they will not be going out for a drive. That alone is a great privilege to be able to go out on a drive to see the wild animals. Londolozi is such a special place, paradise on earth.

Great fun Ash, nice read!

Beautiful photos!

Loved your post Ashleigh! I’d love to go out on a bumble with staff members, just to get their perspective since they’re living in such a wonderful place. Then to have seen the Nkuwa female exactly one year after your first sighting, is definitely a sign of good karma. It’s so much fun to just leave camp without an agenda, and see whatever there is to see, because everything in nature is worth seeing!

A nice treat for the staff to get out and see the wildlife and sights of the property. My wish would be to be sitting with a drink in my hand and watching one of your beautiful sunsets. Good there is plenty of grass to sustain the animals during the winter months. Thanks Ashleigh, enjoyed reading.

There is no such thing as coincidences, Ashleigh. That’s your leopard 💫

What a great coincidence Ashleigh !

Nkuwa is such a beauty! Any signs yet that she is pregnant?? Hoping for cubbies with her paramour, Hosana!!

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