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Plaque Rock 3:3 Female

Plaque Rock 3:3 Female

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Ximungwe 5:3 Female

Ximungwe 5:3 Female

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on The Week in Pictures #530

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Senior Digital Ranger

Have you seen the taslala lone female or know how she is?

Oh, how nice to see the Birmingham male in such good condition. But, he is no match for the Ndzenga’s on his own. I hope he lives quite a bit longer, in safety.

A great selection of photos again, well done guys. I’m really hoping that Plaque Rock stays around so I can see her next week, didn’t manage to last time.

Ah Bush babies! They are among my favourite primates, but apparently rare. What a luck! I’m glad to see the old Birmingham male is still in his prime. Lovely to see the Ximungwe female and her cub, he looks much more like an adult leopard now. The Plaque Rock Female looks delightful. Birds are always striking but I’ll be a bit of an odd choice as the Swainson Spurlfowl is my nr 1 choice as well as the kingfisher (all species around the world are among the most beautiful bird). The impala and giraffe pictures are beautiful golden silhouettes. The starry sky is a dream come true!

Great to see the Birmingham male who looks to be in better condition than when we saw him in July!

The bushbaby is just too cute! How nice to have an unexpected sighting right outside your room.

Wonderful photos this week! Loved the Bushbaby! And great news about the Birmingham male looking so good. Tough time for him now on his own though with so much competition around! The star photo was beautiful, a form of photography I have not ventured into yet. So many good shots here! Thanks to everyone who contributed!

As always a great group of photos! Love that bushbaby!

Sean, It’s great to see the Birmingham Male in such good shape! The images you shared of him are stellar. You also surprised us the the beautiful bird shots – and the bushbaby! We love the black & white images you have been sharing with the background dropped out – would you share the process sometime?

Sean, great pictures of the Birmingham male. TWIP never disappoints.

Amazing to see the Birmingham male back! I wonder where he’s been wandering. Love seeing the bush baby and the giant kingfisher as well as Ximungwe and her cub. Great week!

Great photos, especially the ones of the different birds and the starlit sky, and the wonderful one of the bushbaby and of the leopard mother and son. The bushbaby one is really great because it is so rare that one gets a good picture of a bushbaby.

Sean, your bush baby image is fantastic! What did you use for a light source? The catchlight was perfect. It was good to see the Birmingham male looking so healthy, but it seems his brother is not going to reappear. I wonder if he’s managed to sire any cubs of late.
I loved the images of the Plaque Rock and Ximungwe females as well as the starry night, Giant Kingfisher and the Kite in flight. Thank you all for the week’s photos.

Hi Sean, so excited to see the Birmingham male lion is still in good condition and coming back to Londolozi. Oh what a beauty the bush baby is, not something you always see. Love the Plague rock female and off course the Ximungwe female and her male cub that is growing up so fast. The Robin Chat here by us usually makes an alarm call, then we know there is a snake here nearby. So we like to repay him with a treat of freshly grated cheese every morning which he comes to eat by my kitchen window. My three owl chick’s have grown up and moved on, so we don’t see them anymore.

Wonderful selection this week!!

The photo with the lion looking up into the sky is magnificent. He looks relaxed but his facial expression is different. Thank you for posting.

Senior Digital Ranger

Lovely TWIP thank you. Especially enjoyed the pics of the Birmingham make- loved seeing him in the video highlights on Sunday too. Looking really well as he was when we saw him in December. Hopefully he manages to elude all the other coalitions for a long time to come.

What a fab week with special time spent with the magnificent Birmingham Male. So pleased he is still managing to do so well without his brother/s about. Speaking of which how is Tsalala doing ?? Any sightings recently? Fabulous bird shots but that Bushbaby wins hands down. A superb photo indeed. Well done team and thank you for sharing 🙏🏻👌🏻❤️

Great to see Nsuku still in such great condition and able to bring down a buffalo on his own. Try and play it smart not tough big boy. Makulu of the original 6 male Mopogo Coalition managed to live till be was 15.

As usual great photos and very informative. Thank you.

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