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Dan developed his love for the African bush whilst growing up on a family run farm in the Kwa-Zulu Natal midlands. Growing up in the bushveld he was surrounded by wildlife and finds his passion in what nature has to offer. After completing ...

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on Summers Wild Flowers

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Francesca Doria
Master Tracker

You took me by surprise with this edition Dan, these flowers are magnificent and lovely framework besides being so useful for life! Do you know where the Wild Fox Glove got its name from?

William Paynter
Master Tracker

Flowers as part of the ecological system are easily overlooked, thanks for showing some of your favorites. Everything is truly a part of the whole world we live in. Thank you Dan.

Dina Petridis
Senior Digital Ranger

thank you for the name of the flowers !

Christa Blessing
Master Tracker

Tanks for this gallery of wild flowers. They are all so beautiful.

Marcia Parker
Digital Tracker

Great description of some of the flowers. I love that magnificent cheetah photo!

Paul Canales
Master Tracker

Very unique, interesting and cool post Dan!! After reading the first paragraph, my initial thought was “I hope he tells about how the wildlife and indigenous people use them.” Et voila!!!! You did not disappoint, and the photos in various contexts were stunning!!

Victoria Auchincloss
Master Tracker

The wild flowers are gorgeous at Londolozi ! I love the blue one we call plumbago I have pots of it on my balcony. I don’t know the names of the others but they are all beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Victoria

Denise Vouri
Guest contributor

Thank you Dan for the information on some of the flora in the bushveld. It’s good to learn the names of some of the more common flowers, and their inherent medicinal properties.

Valmai Vorster
Master Tracker

Dan very interesting blog and the wild flowers are so beautiful in colour. Loved the lion,leopard and rhino foto’s with the wild flowers in the back ground. Good to know that some of them can be used for medical purposes. I’m sure it is amazing to see these flowers in bloom and up close. All the Impala lambs, wildebeest calves and piglets must be a gorgeous sight.

Ian Hall
Master Tracker

Super article, many thanks for a differing view of the flora not the fauna

Paul Buchanan
Senior Digital Ranger

Enjoyed the description of the lowveld flowers. Reminds me of prairie flowers here in the US. And I especially enjoyed the picture of warthog piglets! I remember driving through the bush when I was doing fieldwork and having a mother warthog with three piglets run right across the path in front of my field vehicle. Such amazing animals.

Cally Staniland
Master Tracker

Wonderful photos and descriptions of some of your favorite wild flowers at Londo Dan! Being a great fan of wild flowers myself, I really enjoyed your blog. thanks 👌🏻💕

Jennifer Ridgewell
Senior Digital Ranger

Such outstanding photos and information. Thank you.

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