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Garrett has always had an incredible love for the wilderness and found his way to Londolozi straight after University. After spending time as a Londolozi Camp Manager, the incredible stories of daily sightings from his ranger counterparts and guests alike pushed him to ...

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on Sustainable Safari: Pioneering New Systems for Living

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Sustainability is the future of everything and the responsibility everyone. Thanks for sharing.

Hi William, we couldn’t agree more!

Garrett very interesting blog and unique way that Londolozi is a sustainable and ecotourism safari. It took lots of information, time, money, restoration and love for the ground to where Londolozi is today. From being a bankrupt cattle farm to a world renowned safari lodge is absolutely astounding. Well done all involved at Londolozi for their hard work and determination to being one of the best sustainable safaris ever.

Thank you very much Valmai. Taking one step at a time we will continue to do our best.

Senior Digital Ranger

So freaking amazing! I had no idea that Lond0lozi was doing all of this. Wow! This to me is the most important post I have read. I hope others take the time to read in order to understand the vast vision and execution Londolozi has taken to support this planet and her wards. Very impressive post considering all the work it took to share what Londolozi is doing. Not only inspiring for other safaris but for the world. If you all can do this in such a large operation there is literally no excuse for those of us who have a simple home. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so innovative, acting upon your visions and being a shining example for the world. Maybe COP27 should be at Londolozi! Thank you for this post–I am in awe!

Hi Johanna, your kind words are greatly appreciated. Just as we draw inspiration from others within the global restoration movement, we hope (like yourself) that sharing ideas and communicating sustainable actions will have a positive ripple effect around the world.

Today I was visiting friends and coincidentally, we were talking about sustainability on safaris, or on going on holiday to African countries. They questioned it. And I also sometimes asked myself whether it is a good thing to do or not.
But I have come to the conclusion that, yes, it is. First of all when guests come to visit and watch animals, it helps the people to have a good income, to support their families and give their children a good education. It also supports the animals that would otherwise be so endangered. The animals can be protected from poaching thanks to the tourism industry. As long as people love and appreciate the wilderness, the animals and their habitat, they will probably be safe. And the way nearly all the safari lodges and camps do things is so good, like using natural resources of energy, serving home grown food, taking care of the water, involving the villages round the natural reservations into the work done there, in one word, doing everything in a sustainable way.
And as a guest, you get so much from such a holiday, it’s so rewarding as no other holiday can ever be.

Hi Christa, absolutely, and it is all made possible by your continued support of sustainably conscious organisations within the safari industry. Thank you!

Thank you Garrett for continuing to educate your blog followers about the sustainability practices implemented over the years by the Londolozi management team, and by extension, all their staff members. If only all safari destinations followed a sustainability plan, the African nation would be all the better and richer for it.

Hi Denise, thank you. I think there are a number of other organisations doing great work, and so hopefully, we will see a snowball effect that leads the safari industry more and more sustainable direction.

Garrett, Thanks for the awesome post about sustainability and how Londolozi accomplishes its part in that quest! We were at Londolozi the day the solar power went live – it was incredibly exciting! We are very involved in a local sustainability project that we identified and have been leading in our own city. Check out https://www.thebaysarasota.org/ to see what we have accomplished so far with incredible support from our community!

Hi Terri and Michael, wow The Bay looks like a fantastic sustainable development. I spent a bit of time on the site. Public spaces like this, designed in a manner that allows nature to return and thrive alongside people, are the future of urban environments! It will be amazing to watch nature respond to all the indigenous gardens and the mangrove forests!

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