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Tayla grew up largely on a farm in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, where she developed her love for nature. After completing school she spent time in Botswana before studying EcoTourism management in Pretoria, which served as a springboard into a guiding career at Phinda ...

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on The Secret Life of a Steenbok

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Tayla these little Steenbok are so beautiful and very shy. I have seen a baby Steenbok suckling on it’s mom in the Kruger one year while on vacation there. I nearly missed it, if I had not looked back after driving past at first. The colour of their skin is beautiful and their ears are big with markings inside them , as your foto shows. They usually run away once they have even exposed. Good story thanks Tayla. Happy New Year to you.

Thank you Tayla for this great article about the Steenbok. They seem to be even more elusive than leopards. I’ve seen one a couple of times and am always thrilled for the sighting. They are such an elegant little antelope.

In don’t think I have ever seen a Steenbok, not even around the Londolozi camp. They are so small I am very glad they are so clever at hiding and being self sufficient. Thank you Victoria

Senior Digital Ranger

I love the little steenbok! Does it not have a tail to keep its profile low? Thanks for a little insight into their world!

How lovely! Exquisite little creatures. Is their name dick dick as well? I remember studying their monogamic behaviour among others as far as monogamy, polygamy etc are concerned. Very interesting, I’d love to know more about them

They are such a cute little antelope. I appreciate when I get to read about and see photos of some of less featured animals, so thanks Tayla! Aardwolf, dik-dik, golden wolf?

They are really beautiful and I love those ears! So big and the inside is nicely striped.

Thanks, Twyla, for the interesting article on these cute little animals. I love them.

Such graceful little bok. When I was young we used to see them briefly when riding around Legogote “.the sound of the horses would scare them but for a moment we would stare each other out and then they would be gone. Lovely to learn a bit more about them as never really read up much about them in the past. Thanks Tayla.🙏🏻❤️

Hello Tayla, Very interesting blog! Thank you for sharing!

Senior Digital Ranger

very nice description! thanks!

In fact, I am sure it does happen but I don’t think I can ever recall a case where a ranger has found a leopard having caught, killed and hoisted a Steenbok, highlighting just how well their strategy can work.

Well, Tayla, I guess all rules are meant to be broken and this one broke last week, would you agree? Tragically for the Springbok, the leopard certainly won the day. Unfortunately, my photo will not attach to this comment but I am happy to share anytime.

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