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on 7 Days of Nature’s Gifts: Day 1 – Planning Your Festive Season Garden

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Hi Amanda, I tend to agree with Barry that being in nature is so much more rewarding than any gift of any sort. Mother nature teaches us so much and gives me such pleasure just being in the bush with these wild animals and birds in their natural habitat. The simpler the better and enough is enough, no more over indulging or over compensation is needed. Nature is a wonderful thing which sees to it that it is balanced out.

The photos of your so beautifully decorated table and dishes and of the many plants you grow in your garden look great!
It makes my mouth water for such a delicious meal.

Amanda and Barry,
Thank you for reminding us that simple is more, and the best. I was so impressed with the amount of herbs and vegetables grown within the Londolozi Village and the meals reflect those farm to table flavors.
And Barry, to take a drive, sit and listen to the sounds of nature or just watch animals grazing, is enough to quench our souls. May your days ahead be merry and bright!

What great inspiration for the coming festive season… nothing rings more true than the simplicity of what we have been given as a gift, year round. Our beautiful world. To celebrate Christmas in its true form what better way than a simple meal of what is in season, spent with dear friends and family and a gift created by oneself. Wishing you all a fabulous festive season 🙏🏻💕💕

A really nice blog Amanda and “food for thought”. I wish each and every one of you at Londolozi a very Merry Christmas and a safe, hally and healthy 2022. Let us hope and pray that next year this dreaded virus will be vbehind us and life can return to a new normal.

Amanda, What creative ideas! We are getting a late start on the “days” but this is a really thoughtful start! Our restaurant uses Nasturtiums on celebratory meals and the color does make the dishes pop! We miss you all!

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