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Bronwyn is 4th generation custodian of Londolozi Game Reserve, a mother, Master life coach and also one of its most longstanding employees, having grown up on the floors of the kitchen and in the gardens of the lodge. Bronwyn’s official title is that ...

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Hi Bronwyn, spectacular reading and so very true. Time is precious and should be respected and at the same time appreciated. Put a guard before you speak, so that you don’t hurt people. Remember to be kind , try to help where you can is the essence of life. Once something is spoken you cannot take it back, so think before you speak. Live each day as if it is your last day on earth.

Time is precious and important and it is wonderful to be able to spend time in the bush. For me as much as possible. And a nice advertisement for watches?

Advertorial for Rolex – I hope they paid you well!

A nice thought provoking blog Bronwyn. Enjoyed reding it. Time is timeless and we need to live in the moment and soak in the things that surround us. Thanks for sharing.

Senior Digital Ranger

Very interesting brand concept! As a geoscientist and planetary scientist, time is something very close to my heart. I teach about it every semester. One of the complicating factors is that Earth time spans so many orders of magnitude. The Earth, as far as we can tell, is about 4.6 billion years old. This contrasts with the short time span some planetary processes take to complete. For example, meteorite impact structures caused by hypervelocity impact (the Vredefort Impact Structure near Parys is a great example and one that I’ve worked with before) provide evidence that some geologic processes are over in seconds, minutes, or hours. It’s not really surprising that our human minds (which are really quite short-term) can’t really conceive of these varying timespans. So, you’re right, our only alternative is to live (and enjoy) in the moment!

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