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on Virtual Safari: Ultimate Game Drive Highlights #91

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Lovely little filly! Really good to see, thank you!

Thank you, Irene.

What a special virtual safari today Sean! In spite of the heat of summer, this is one of my favorite times of the year for Southern African visits. There’s nothing better than to view the various newborns – Impala, Wildebeest, Zebra, etc that are part of the seasonal birth cycle. The footage of the Zebra’s first steps, finding its food source and experimenting with running was priceless so thank you!

It is such an amazing time of the year to be here. The bushveld is stunning with all the greenery. Thank you, Denise.

Senior Digital Ranger

A very relaxing slice of Londolozi wildlife! The baby zebra was so precious to see! It’s incredible how fast they can get up and move! So glad human babies can’t do that. That poor male looks to be in a bit of pain! Hope he stays out of trouble till he heals a bit! I’m not familiar with this pride, yet, but they look good! Poor little cub all alone with no playmates! Must be lonely for him! Thanks for the sightings for my Sunday morning!

Thank you, Debra. It is amazing to see how quickly they are able to get up and move around and how sure-footed they become. I think the injuries to the Nwalungu Male appear worse than they actually are. Let’s hope he can stay out of harm’s way for now.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks, Sean, always a Sunday morning (Arizona, USA, time) treat. The new-born zebra segment: priceless.

Thank you, Dave. So glad you can enjoy them from all the way on the other side of the world.

Sean, beautiful Zebra and lion safari today. The dynamics are fascinating to watch.

Thank you, William. The lion dynamics are fascinating and keep us very entertained.

Thank you Sean for this moving video of the newborn foal, his mum is beautiful! And of the lions I wish both foal and survived cub a healthy long life, providing that their families manage to protect them. The Nkuhuma young male’s future looks like a question mark… and the young Tsalala,? Have you got any news?

Thank you, Francesca. The young zebra foal was amazing to watch. I think the Nwalungu Male will be fine he just needs to avoid any conflict in the meanwhile. We sadly don’t have any news on the Tsalala female as of late but as soon as we hear anything we will let you know.

A nice relaxing drive Sean. It is so peaceful watching the lions as they rest and interact with each other. I am so glad that zebra calf finally got up. Mother Nature is truly amazing that these tiny souls can stand up and function as soon as they are born. Thanks for sharing – really enjoyed it.

Great video, Sean! Wonderful that you were just in time for the tiny zebra taking its first steps. It’s always wondrous how these new-born animals can stand up within a few minutes and then start walking and even a bit jumping around so soon after birth.
It’s always great to get the next “chapter” of the lions’ stories. Have you got any news of the Tsalala lionesses’ daughter? Do you still see her occasionally?

It was so awesome to see the young zebra gaining confidence so quickly.

The lion saga will probably be ongoing for a while I think. Sadly, we have not seen her again but she will probably be lurking in the Sand River, hiding from all the other lions at the moment.

Great video Sean! Alwayes very interesting to see. It was lovely to see the Mangheni Pride, they had a major loss in may when the Ottawa Male was killed. Do you think that the Nwalungu Male could have a chance to be dominant over the Mangheni Pride? He is nomadic and alone. That could be his chance to get established in the area? What do you think?
I have another question for you; the youngest lion in the Mhangeni Pride (born in january?) is that the cub that is the offspring of the Ottawa Male?
If it is, it would make me very happy that his beautiful and courage gens is going forward!
Thank you for this weeks Virual Safari!

Hi ann, thank you so much. Yes, it was a major loss for them when the Othawa Male was killed. It is unlikely that the Nwalungu Male will become dominant over the Mhangeni Pride, especially if the Plains Camp Males hang around in a similar area. But I guess we can’t count anything as set in stone as it is all constantly changing, and surprising us.
There are in fact two young lions in the Mhangeni Pride that are offspring of the Othawa Male, the one born in January and another one that is a little bit older.

Hi Sean, the little Zebra is so beautiful and precious. The Mhangeni pride are looking good, so glad the one cub is still alive and well.

Thank you, Valmai. We are also so glad that the youngsters are alive, long may it last

Our first visit to Londolozi we came across a mother zebra with a new born. There were a couple of vultures hanging out and an adorable baby staggering. She and the baby went off to find the nearby herd. We searched the next morning but could not find them. However someone in another car said they thought they had seen them. We were very happy. The lion life it seems is still not completely solved. Glad that some of the cubs are still with us!! Thank you Victoria

Seeing young animals is always so exciting, yet nerve-racking. Glad the one you saw survived. I think it will be a while before the lion dynamics settle.

Gosh life seems so calm and normal there, sure wish I was there to soak up everything! Wonderful seeing that little Zebra get up for the first time..I was amazed at its size for a new born. Super time spent with the Mhangeni Pride, though the Nkuhuma young male is looking a little fragile right now. Thank you Sean for your update which helps me to remain grounded and patient till I can get there to enjoy the bush 🙏🏻💕

Sunday routine for decades: Read the New York Times and watch “Meet the Press” on television. Years of routine have now been interupted. Read the NY Times, then watch the Virtual Safari! Much more enjoyable/interesting/fulfilling watching the wildlife than the poiticians!

Hi Vin, I am so glad we have found a firm position in your Sunday morning routine. A chance to give you a little taste of Londolozi every week.

Really really feel sad for the Nkuhuma male……he has now lost 2 coalition mates. Would be very interesting if he could actually connect up with Nhenha (father/uncle) to make a coalition that could move away to a different area to find a pride.

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