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Ashleigh grew up near Londolozi and thus it’s no surprise that her fondest memories were made in the bush. After travelling Central and South America for a year after school, she went on to complete her degree in Sport Science at the University ...

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on Visited By Elephants

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Elephants are magnificent animals, large yet non threatening when grazing. They seem to say just let me be and I will mind my own business.

Thank you for sharing such peaceful and amazing pictures. I don’t understand what’s exhilarating in a hunt with suffering prey, I do agree watching elephants, giraffe and other pacif giants in luxury greenery helps to reconnect with nature and balance.

There is nothing like meeting a herd of elephants complete with babies to brighten up your day. I love it when a young elephant comes toward the car being ferocious. On the other hand I remember one afternoon with Allie we turned off a road and out of the trees came what seemed to me an enormous make elephant. Trunk up and obviously not wishing to see us. Alice backed right up and we departed. There are so many wonderful animals at Londolozi, each different but wonderful to see. You all have a fascinating job! Thank you for all the elephants today. Victoria

Ashleigh you are certainly right when saying we must enjoy the little things. There is so much going on in the world with this pandemic, that a person forgets to look for the smaller things in life. I have just come in from outside and it was raining slightly, and one of the three owls that breed here in my tree in my back yard was sitting on the wall. I went up close to see and speak to the Spotted eagle owl, the more I spoke to it, the more it opened and closed its big eyes. Too beautiful for words. So precious and I am so privileged to have the owls right here in my yard. So I can relate to you Ashleigh for spending time with the elephants there at Londolozi.

I also love watching elephants – they are such wonderful animals. And you are right, it’s very often the small things that can make you happy or content.

Love the elephants of Londolozi as much ( if not more) than the leopards of Londolozi

Perfect thoughts as we here in the US celebrate Thanksgiving! It’s easy to be thankful for elephants!

Thank you for your great article and for all the hard work you and the rest of the staff put into making guests’ experiences unforgettable.

Sometimes it’s the little things that become the big things in our life Ashleigh. Your Mother had the right idea. You need to find joy in the little things in our life and be thankful for all we have. Many people worldwide are not as fortunate as we are. A really nice and thoughtful blog. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Ashleigh and I totally agree with you. Even when things around us seem grim, there’s always something to brighten our day, even if it’s just the call of the little brown birds.

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I have been lucky enough to have been inside a family group of elephants as they just passed us by by walking on either side. A wonderful experience , on a par with watching wild dogs hunt

Ashleigh it certainly is the little things in life that bring us so much pleasure and as we live on an island that is only 246square kilometers and very built up my small pleasures come from my garden. I would do anything to be in your shoes to enjoy those Eli’s on an almost daily basis and to be able to look out to an uncluttered horizon.🙏🏻. Enjoy every moment 💕

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