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Nweti 4:2 Male

Nweti 4:2 Male

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Ndzanzeni 4:3 Female

Ndzanzeni 4:3 Female

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Barry grew up in Johannesburg and knew from a young age that he had a true love for the African bush yet it was only after spending several years in the corporate world in Europe, followed by a two year sabbatical of traveling ...

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on Four Leopards, One Tree

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That is fantastic! Would love to see something like that but being of an age I don’t travel much and the hubby can’t travel at all! So, viewing these pictures are really important to me! Thank you!

Senior Digital Ranger

Peaceful interactions between adult male leopards and cubs are always amazing to see. Thanks for sharing.

Barry that is a sighting that no one can forget. Having all 4 of them together is astounding. The cubs are they females or males, do you know. The Ndzanzeni female having the genes from the mother leopard is so important, and know she is carrying on the lineage.

Wow the Ndanzeni female and her two precious little girls with the handsome Nweti male! Who knows why leopards behave so differently and he sounded paternal… perhaps his cubs are precious to him as well. Leopards are a non-stop surprise!

What a rewarding sighting. Four leopards same tree, same kill, non aggressive , amazing. Thanks Barry.

What a fantastic gift to have seen something so rare as a make leopard being part of a family, staying for dinner. Almost like a normal family dinner with people! I envy you those moments! Thanks for sharing! Victoria

Dear Tshepo and Barry, what a wonderful sighting of those four leopards. Es specially as everything was so peaceful between them and obviously the little ones were in no danger from the male or maybe father. Just great!

Senior Digital Ranger

That, truly, must have been so awesome to see!

WOW!!! That is great, thank you Barry! Please go there more often??? 😉

What a wonderful moment-amazing

Gosh Barry what an amazing sight to see. Incredible that the Nweti male didn’t steal their kill, nor seemed to cause any raucous upon his arrival. Perhaps he too knows just how special these Ndzanaeni cubs are, being related to the Mother leopard. Whatever it may be, it must have been a very special day for you all. 🙏🏻💕

What an unbelievable sighting Barry to see these 4 leopards sharing a kill without aggression. It just shows leopard behavior between sexes and cubs is not predictable. Let’s hope Ndzanzeni will successfully raise her two daughters, continuing the mother leopard lineage.

This is a lovely story and a perfect example of how we do not know all that the bush knows. In August 2019, on Londolozi with Tshepo as our tracker and Byron Serrao as our guide, we witnessed Nhlanguleni with her 2 subadult daughters (now Nkuwa and Finfoot) peacefully sharing a kill with Flat Rock! He came in and very calmly and gently pulled the kill away from one of the girls, and then after he fed a bit, and as dusk approached, he hoisted the carcass into a big tree and came down and strolled away. As 2 hyenas approached, all 3 females went up into the tree and settled in to sleep and feed in turn. Flat Rock had saved the carcass from the hyenas and stashed it so his ladies could enjoy their meal in peace and quiet! It was a phenomenal sighting!

For you and your guests the experience must have made the length of the drive fade way!

Wonderful discovery! Loved reading your description of the sighting! Leopards will always be my favorite.

Well done, Barry! So interesting to read about the connection between Father and Wife and the Children! I would think this is most unusual. More pics please? Whenever you are there? Wendy M

Possibly my favourite post from 2021. Thank you soooo much Barry

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