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Xinzele 4:4 Female

Xinzele 4:4 Female

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Ximungwe 5:3 Female

Ximungwe 5:3 Female

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Nkuwa 3:3 Female

Nkuwa 3:3 Female

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on The Week in Pictures #516

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Three Cheers for the Birmingham Male. Looking rather spry I would say. Really great photos. Thank you

Thank you so much, Andrew and Daniel. He is indeed looking in great condition.

Great photos. Like the photo of the giraffes in the background and the waterbucks in the foreground.
And of course, all the others as well. It is really amazing how good the elderly Birmingham male looks.
And the leopards are as fantastic as always.

Thank you so much, Christa.

Hard choice, but for me Dean’s photo of the Xinzele female and cub just edge it over all the other wonderful pics – because that cub is just so mega-cute!

That cub is the cutest and I would probably agree with it being up there with the favourites.

Great pictures today from everyone. Thank you for continuing to share Londolozi with me.

Thank you, William.

So many different amzing pics, like the giraffes and for sure Xinzeles cub. Great.

Thank you, Jutta.

nhenha and tinyo are one of the most successful duos in the sands of sabi sands, in fact the Birminghans Boys coalition was a success.
These guys are really tough and despite their age they are still in the game, they are big and bulky, I would say they will still reign for awhile if they stick together, long live the kings, they are beautiful.
I loved seeing the leopard and her cub, I hope he reaches adulthood.
Elephants are very interesting animals, I like them.
Thanks for the londolozi updates, have a nice day.

The Birmingham Males are definitely not going to go down without a fight. They are in such good condition given their age.
Thanks for your response. The images are great.

Hi, how can pictures be even more beautiful than the previous ones? I can’t pick up one. They are fantastic

I know they were great this week.

That Birmingham lion does look great! In other recent photos they both were looking a bit raggedy, causing me to think no not a Birmingham…Glad I was wrong (Othawa aside).

The Birmingham Male is looking in such good condition. It baffles me how one week they can be looking terrible then after a few good feeds they bounce back as good as new.

Hi Sean , this week’s TWIP foto’s are stunning and full of variety. The leopard foto’s are beautiful and the tiny cub is gorgeous. The new mom is doing a good job so far raising the tiny cub. The Ximungwe cub is so beautiful and he is so special with that spec in his eye. All the lion foto’s are good and they are majestic cats. The waterbuck foto’s , fight till death, if I am correct.

Thank you, Valmai. They are great this week. I also really like the leopard cub. It is so cute and inquisitive. Waterbuck can fight until death but it is not common for this to happen.

What a great week in pictures! Wish I were there! Thank you Victoria

Thank you, Victoria, we wish you were here too.

Another week of fantastic images this week Sean. The leopard cub of Xinzele is so adorable, almost resembling a stuffed animal. Ximungwe’s cub is growing so fast and looks like he may make it to independence like his brother if he continues his bush lessons. We don’t often see Nkuwa female so that was a bonus.
Kudos on the hippo and necking giraffes as well. Thanks to all the contributors for their images!!

Thank you, Denise. It was a great week all around.

Great selection of photos Londolozi team! Where is the Nkuwa Female’s territory in comparison to her mother’s? Also any sightings of the Nanga Female at all recently?

Thank you, Michael. The Nkuwa Female’s territory extends from just south of the Sand River, about 1-2km west of our camps into Marthly and Othawa. Sadly, we have not seen the Nanga Female for quite some time now. But then again, there are very few roads in the area where she may cross back into Londolozi, and they do not get driven often. So she may come back more often than we think but just don’t realise.

Sean and team, We loved seeing the leopard updates this week! It’s great to see that the Nkuwa leopard is thriving – such a good story. We hope that the Xinzele Female’s cub makes it too!

Thank you, Michael and Terri. We were so happy to see the Nkuwa Female thriving too. Let’s hope the Xinzele Cub survives, but the odds are looking not so favourable.

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Beautiful pics this week. I absolutely love all the leopard pics, especially those adorable cubs. The giraffe pic is great too, as is the waterbuck one! Beautiful as always. My fave would have to be mum leopard and her cub – so cuuuttee! Thanks!

The cubs are adorable. Glad you enjoyed all of the pics.

Some favulous shots here Sean. Love the leopard tail and the ellie close up one, though hard to pick a favourite. Thanks for sharing with us.

Thank you, Leonie.

Oh my, Xinzele’s little cutie is just precious! And I cannot wait to find out if Nkuwa is pregnant and possibly with Hosana’s cubbies!!!

Too true Sean, all such fabulous shots !!! The Xinzele female and her cub are too precious for words but must say super relieved to see that the Birmingham Male has ‘come back from the dead’ hes looking fantastic 😁 Long may they last.

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