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Nkoveni 2:2 Female

Nkoveni 2:2 Female

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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on Virtual Safari: Ultimate Game Dive Highlights #80

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Thanks. Once again,a pleasant,informative, video. Always looking forward to them.

Thanks, Jos.

Hi Sean, the Tsalalas seem to be characters of a TV series, the refugees we may call them… it is a joy to see them both! All lions and leopards- the Nkoveni female and her cubs so precious. Are the cubs boys or girls? I wish all those ladies good luck! Gorgeous flowers.

It almost appears that way with the amount of drama the Tsalala Pride has been through. I believe the Nkoveni Cubs are one male and one female.

Senior Digital Ranger

What a blessing to see the Tsalala females back on Londolozi. I wonder whether they have returned because the Tsalala female is close to giving birth. Either way, I’m pleased that they are both looking so well. They are constantly in my prayers. I would like them to remain wherever they will be safe.

It is a blessing to have them back here again. It is difficult to say whether she is pregnant or not. We know she was mating with some males in the west a few weeks ago, but too soon for her to be looking for a den. Lets just hope she hangs around so that when she does give birth it is somewhere on Londolozi.

Oh, it is so nice to see the Tsalalala’s again! And they look well fed, the mother is doing really well. I hope they stay around and that we can see the rise of the Tsalalala’s again………………………

We were so delighted to see them again and yes they are looking in such good condition. We hope they hang around for a while too.

Wonderful news to see the Tsalala Pride of 2 are still alive and looking good. Really thought they would be too vulnerable to make it.

Susan, it is such great news to see them again and that they are doing so well.

Hi Sean, that was fantastic to see the Tsalala female and her only cub. They are looking good and it looks as if they have been feeding well. The sub-adults are also such beautiful lions and they are sticking together,which will help them hunt together. I can’t believe that grumpy Senegal bush male is at it again to steal the females kill. I really do hope he moves on and does not kill the two Nkoveni cubs . They are so gorgeous. Wonderful video thanks Sean.

Thanks, Valmai. The Tsalala Pride are looking in great condition. I believe the Ntsevu Sub-adults will stay together, well at least the females will.

Thank you Sean – I think I could watch leopards climbing trees all day long on a continuous loop, their easy grace and power is just incredible. On a different note, how old do you think Tsalala’s daughter is now?
Very disappointing that South Africa has stayed on the UK red list, I think the next review is in 3 weeks time. Still hoping I can make my November trip back to Founders, I think I’ve probably postponed it at least 6 times now!

I think we could all sit there for hours watching them go up and down the tree.

The daughter is about two and a half, she will be three in March.

I hope that the UK are able to adjust that status soon so you are able to come to visit us again. Fingers crossed for the next review.

Another fantastic sighting with the cubs of Nkoveni.

It was a magical sighting thanks, Jutta.

Really enjoy the TWIV (This Week In Video) each Sunday! You’re doing really well Sean! Impressive use of multiple camera angles. What is that big camera setup you mount to your right (camera, lens, video display etc)?

Thank you, Bob and Lucie. It has been such fun getting involved with the filming side of things. It is a Canon C300 with a 35-70mm lens.

Sean, what is special experience to see the Tsalala’s again! We are really hoping that they get to preserve that legendary pride by connecting with some of the local males. It was also interesting to see the leopard dynamics in play with the male stealing a kill again! Perhaps he had mated with Nkoveni which would keep her cubs safe!

We hope so too. If they hang around on Londolozi for a while longer we will keep everyone in the loop as to how they are doing.

I am beginning to think that the Nkoveni Female must have mated with him as it isn’t the wisest decision to be that close to him with both the cubs there.

I am so glad that the Tsalala lionesses have been seen again and that they are in such good conditions. I admire this lioness and her daughter, they are so brave and clever. Let’s hope that they will be able to raise more cubs.
The Senegal Bush Male is really an opportunist, always stealing kills from the females. As long as he doesn’t kill the cubs, it probably doesn’t matter.
Great videos, Sean!

The Tsalala Lioness is so resilient and has done so well to raise this daughter successfully. Hopefully, they are able to have a few more cubs soon and boost the pride.
Let’s hope the cubs stay safe.

Made my week Sean ! Wonderful to see the Tsalala females again after what seems a very long time. Definitely my favourite as mother has been through so much (remembering that awful show down with the Birmingham male’s and the Ntsevu pride) and still managed to bring her daughter up. The sub adults having certainly started to look a lot more handsome and not the messy late teenagers 😊. Do hope the Nkoveni cubs will remain safe ! Great week thanks Sean 🙏❤️

Great news Cally, We were so excited to see the Tsalala Pride again.

Thanks, Cally.

I’m so happy Sean to see the Tsalala pride once again. Both look to be in terrific condition and the daughter seems to have grown into her mother’s size. I was so fortunate to spend a couple of hours with them on my final morning I. April.
It seems the Ntsevu sub adults, possibly 9/10 that I counted in your video are both males and females. This definitely could be a new pride although the females would need to find other males to father their cubs. The lion dynamics seem to be changing weekly.
I’ve come to the conclusion that the Senegal Bush male is as opportunistic as a hyena, savoring his own kill and heading off to pilfer some more meat from Nkoveni’s meal. He really is a beast of a leopard in so many ways, and seems to be totally in control if his territory, and more.
I thoroughly enjoyed my “ride” today.

Having the Tsalala PRide back on Londolozi is such fantastic news. The daughter is pretty much a fully grown lioness now. I think your sighting of them must have been one of the last before they went away.

There are 11 sub-adults, six are male and five female. So if the females can stay together they will form a great pride. The males will most likely move on out of the area at some point in search of their own territory.

The Senegal Bush Male is definitely an opportunistic male that will take what he can.

So glad that you enjoyed this virtual safari.

wonderful news about the Tsala (?) female and her cub! Always fun to see the leopards! thank you!! Victoria

It is great news that the Tsalala Pride are back on Londolozi again.

So great to see the Tsalalas doing well. We saw them on Dulini in early July and then crossing the river too! They are eating very well, and hopefully the mother will be having cubbies soon, after mating with the Plains Camp males!

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