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Maxim's 5:3 Male

Maxim's 5:3 Male

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Guy worked as a ranger for Londolozi from 2017 until the end of 2021. He grew up in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal. From a young age he visited the bush each holiday. It was during these early years that his passion and interest was ...

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on Ntsevu Lion Sub-Adults Steal Kill From the Maxim’s Male.

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Guy, that was absolutely crazy! It seems the Ntsevu sub adults have mastered the art of climbing trees in order to steal a leopard’s kill. I’m really feeling sorry for the leopards now as it hard enough for them to succeed in making a kill since they’re solitary. Now they have to watch out for lions climbing the tree to steal the kill -it’s bad enough the male leopards regularly confiscate some females’ kill. Nature can be tough!

Hello, what happened to the Maxim’s male? Was he stuck in the tree or roaming elsewhere?

He went to the top of the tree where the lions could not get to. Once the lions had got the kill, they moved off which then allowed the Male leopard to descend the tree and escape.

That was definitely a surprise!I know that lions can climb trees, but to have what looks like the entire group fighting among themselves was extraordinary ! wow! thankyou Victoria

Wildlife is unforgiving when food and water are involved. Thanks for sharing Guy. This is just a reminder of the food chain that exists in nature and why only the strongest survive.

It was almost comical watching them. They certainly aren’t nearly as graceful climbing trees as the leopards. Glad the Maxim’s Male wasn’t hurt.

But….. did they get it in the end? Did they get up high enough? Cliffhanger here……………… 😉

They did manage to get the kill but there was only some skin and bones remaining. So for the lions not all worth much in the end.

The Londolozi lions seem to be real experts in climbing trees. Poor leopards! Nothing will be save from the lions if they manage to climb all kinds of trees.
Makes life even harder for leopards!

Hi Christa, they are able to climb but just not as well as leopards. It’s very dependant on what tree the leopards manage to hoist their kill in to.

Love the story Guy! I didn’t think lions made a habit of climbing trees unless it was to get away from biting insects and the heat but I guess an easy meal was too much to ignore! Hope all is well with you & A.

These lions will do anything to get a free meal, even if it means climbing up trees to get it. We are both doing very well thank you. I hope you are both safe and healthy.

Impressive video! Was tough to see what ended up happening. I guess Maxim got out of there and one of those two lions ate the kill in the tree? Lions don’t look to be agile tree climbers like leopards, but strength and determination they seem to have in abundance!

Never saw lions in a tree, but they are also very good climbers. Special video.

What is going on with these lions stealing the kill and climbing trees. They are so many together,they can easily hunt and make a kill. But no they must steal the poor leopards kill and he hunts all alone. I feel sorry for the leopards they work so hard to catch an impala and hoist it up a tree.

A very interesting drive Guy. I know there are some lions that climb trees (if memory serves me right), but now this is a new kettle of fish for the poor leopards. I noticed that the tree was slightly bent over, so maybe this gave them an advantage?? I am sure you will keep your eyes open to see if this is an ongoing thing with them. Thanks for sharing with us, I found it really interesting – and sad for the leopard. Life is really tough in the bush.

The Ntsevus have become really good at stealing carcasses from trees. The Londolozi leopards are gonna have to watch out!

Master Tracker

I’ve never felt less likely to get a ladder to get the cats down from a tree

Amazing footage

Senior Digital Ranger

Very nice video! I was surprised that the lions climbed the tree so easily.

Had to laugh at the two lions precariously balancing while arguing over who was going to be the lucky one to grab the carcass, they are obviously useless hunters. One hopes that they will find a few females soon to show them how it’s done so that the leopard can be left in peace to enjoy their well earn meal! Fabulous footage thanks Guy 🙏🏻❤️

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