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Flat Rock 3:2 Male

Flat Rock 3:2 Male

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Chris was born and raised in the Kwa-Zulu/Natal Midlands where his family inspired his early passion for the natural world. Exploring Southern Africa as he grew up, this passion was allowed to develop and his curiosity to expand. After high school, Chris spent ...

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on The Week in Pictures #496

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Leopard or lions pictures are unique. I love all the animals and atmosphere. Will the foreign Leopard stay or will he go… the young male lions fighting is spectacular

Its difficult to say what the young male leopard will do. For the time being he will still just be trying to avoid older, bigger males until he feels strong enough to try establish a territory of his own. He still looked fairly young so there’s a good chance he may move off soon given his interaction with the Flat Rock male.

The birds were delightful. I also like the black background on the Plaque Rock female image – very dramatic.

Thanks Chelsea! Glad you liked it.

We tend to think that winter ne er comes to Londolozi, Silly us! I love seeing so many of the incredible variety you have. Their colors are so lovely. It is always great to catch a glimpse of the large predators. Thank you for another wonderful variety of photos. Victoria

Have never seen a photo of a secretary bird. Hope to see one next month!

This same one may well still be around next month. Let’s hope!


Chris Taylor
Love the rhino’s!🤗

Great photos, Chris. I love your bird pictures and of course the fantastic play-fights of the lions and the great photos of the leopards.

Thanks Christa. Glad you enjoyed it!

Chris, it looks like it turned out to be a fantastic week! The images are stellar! How did you do the blacked out background on the Plaque Rock female? We love that look. Also the in-air shot of the Flat Rock male is a classic – congrats!

Thanks Michael and Terri. The blackout background was done using an underexposed brush with an auto-mask on the Lightroom editing program. Usually its very difficult to keep the detail of the whiskers when doing it but fortunately it worked out fairly well this time!

Thanks Chris, We will give it a try!!!

Beautiful foto’s Chris, the leopards are always a good sighting. Whats going on with the males that they are stealing the female leopards impala. Lions are looking impressive as always. Beautiful foto of the rhino, even more impressive is the flat rock male leaping over the water. Such a majestic cat.

Black and white Plaque Rock – perfection!!

Thanks Nadia.

Master Tracker

Super photos, I like the monochrome leopard photo ,

Thanks Ian.

Great pictures today, especially of the birds!

Thanks Linda. I really enjoy photographing birds – thinking of writing a blog post about it in the next few weeks in fact. Keep a look out for it.

Will watch for it! Can’t wait for November to see them myself, again:-)

Love the pics Chris, especially the profiles of the leopard & lion!

Love the secretary bird. And both of the flat rock leopard pics are really stunning.

Every one of these pictures is stunning! I think probably the best week in pictures ever! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🥰

Thanks Anita. Thats awesome to hear. Glad you enjoyed it!

Hi Chris! Absolutely love the selection of photos this week! Am interested to know if the Birmingham Male who is injured from a fight sustained it from one of the Avoca Males? Also, we know there are at least five young sub-adult males, but do you know the rest of the sub-adults’ makeup in terms of male/female? Thanks a bunch!

Thanks Michael. We do think that the Birmingham Males injuries were sustained in an altercation with the northern Avoca males but there’s no way of being certain; nobody saw it. However, that same evening an Ntsevu lioness was seen mating with an Avoca male just east of our boundary.
As for the makeup of the Ntsevu sub-adults; there are 5 young males, 6 young females and then two younger ‘cubs’ (roughly a 1,5 years old) of which I think one is a male and one a female (I stand to be corrected here).

Thank you for the update on BB’s as well as the number of sub-adults in the pride which I believe it means 2 males were lost. May I asked when the confrontation between the BB’s and NA’s possibly happened? I’ve seen recent pics of all the males today from various photographers except for Blondie Avoca. Could you please give us more information? Thanks 🙏🏻

Hi Nora. This suspected conflict would have taken place about 10 days ago. It seems as though both Birmingham and Avoca males are still alive and well though as all have since been seen either on Londolozi or to the east of us.

Digital Tracker

Awesome pics, absolutely love all the birds!

Digital Ranger

What a wonderful selection of photographs! Many thanks from Iris in the UK.

Chris, I absolutely *love* your leopard pix with the whiskers contrasted against the black. Can I purchase a copy of the digital fie to print and add to my wall collection?

Hi Anna, This image is for sale on our Fine Art website at:

Hope this helps.
Kind Regards

Wonderful variety of bird photographs Chris !! I just love the birds..but having said that, the black and white photo with the whiskers is just fabulous, as are the 2 final shots of the Flat Rock Male. Look forward to you doing a blog on the birds ! 💕🙏🏻

Thanks Cally! Glad you enjoyed the post.

Senior Digital Ranger

As always … great photos! Love the leopard w/the black background! Stunning!!! And the lion at night… very dramatic… they are all great!!! Thank you for sharing

Love the pics of Flat Rock and of the young lions! I REALLY hope that the young Nstevu lioness “goes home” to her family……there have been too many young females that go off with their brothers/cousins and then end up not going home, or getting isolated or dying young, lately. It is so heartbreaking.

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