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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on Virtual Safari: Ultimate Game Drive Highlights #65

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Great stuff thanks, may i ask whats your conclusion on the Othawa Male’s death, any one has seen anything that night ?

What a gift for today… rhino mum and calf living peacefully and how funny and cut is the baby as it plays ! And the mum with her beautiful horn… love the lion cubs as well.
They are still clumsy like all youngsters.

That rhino calf is so cute and it just wants to play, very inquisitive with it’s surroundings and takes a look a different things. Lion cubs are so gorgeous and the way they play with each other is so rewarding to watch. They will definitely use a lot of stalking ,running and jumping once they grow up to be able to catch and kill to feed on.

Thank you Sean. Rhino calf – very cute. Ntsevu cubs playing – off the cuteness scale!

Lovely vlog! Did I see three little boys and two girls? That would be great……….. and the dogs denning?? Perhaps??
The rhino calf is very sweet, so small and naughty!

Super video safari today. I really enjoyed watching the rhino mum and her calf. The lion cubs are very special and learning fast. Can’t wait to see them in the future.
Thanks Sean!

Always great fun to watch bent rhinos! Our first visit we watched a mother rhino with a baby cross a plain which had lots of zebras and wildebeests. The baby was happily dancing and jumping around in circles. Mom just kept walking and the baby was having a joyeuse time. we watched him the entire while they crossed the plane and disappeared into the woods! Thank you for spending time with the baby. Brings back fun memories! Victoria

Great job, Sean, serving as the replacement for James, who has done such a terrific job with the series!
Always enjoy watching the antics of the young regardless of the species. Observing the consistent maternal instincts of each is fascinating. I was intrigued by the constant twitching of the young rhino’s ears.

Senior Digital Ranger

Love watching these first steps of rhino courage. What a sweet sighting and video.

What a special treat! A rhino baby and its mum and those five super cute young lions with their patient mother.
And obviously a promise of wild dogs for another video.
Londolozi is really hard to beat concerning the viewing of animals. At least that’s the image the photos and videos convey.

Sean, We loved seeing the Rhino calves up close – so cool! Thanks again to the team for the great videos!

Sean, loved the rhinos🤗, lions 🤗

The rhino calf was having so much fun around its mum. The lionesses’ tail makes for great practice for attacking. So sweet all around today.

Such a treat this Sunday to watch these little ones, especially the curious but shy rhino calf. It’s so funny to see the little rhino skip back to mom, but equally entertaining are the cubs-especially the one playing with mom’s tail. Are they four in number now. It was difficult to keep track but it seemed I only spotted four together tussling in the grass. Thank you for this wonderful video! Wild dogs’ den spotted? Are we to stay tuned? Seemed the last clips were a tease.

Just loved that wee Rhino with a ‘coat’ that is still too big for him..much like a puppy..how he made me laugh💗And yes, too right Sean the cubs certainly do melt your heart with all their silly antics. Can’t wait for the news on the Wild dogs..the suspense is killing me. It would be the 3 eared couple would it? Think that’s wishful thinking though

Great video highlights this week! The baby rhino is precious!~and those lion cubbies….Oh My Goodness! How the lioness can feed 5 cubs successfully, as it appears that she is doing, is phenomenal. And some of those babies are so spotty….you can seen the ancient link between tawny lions and the earlier spotted cats!

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