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on Virtual Safari: The Week in Video #61

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Senior Digital Ranger

What a awesome story today, where is that mom with the one almost adult female lion

I presume you are talking about the Tsalala female and her daughter. They are mostly seen in the northern parts of the reserve but have been fairly scarce of late.

Senior Digital Ranger

Are they ok I hope so

Yes, I believe they are. We have seen them just have not managed to do a story on them yet.

Can’t wait to see the cubs’ growth in the next 8 weeks as we arrive then.

Hi Vin, yes it will be amazing to see how big they are in 8 weeks. Looking forward to having you here.

Senior Digital Ranger

What an absolutely fantastic piece on the lions and the 5 Cubs. Superb photography and comments and really exciting. Thank you so much for improving a grey rainy Sunday in the UK.

We are glad it could brighten up your day Linda

Wow, you certainly ticked a lot of boxes this week! That was just incredible. Do you think the Birmingham males will stick together much more now, after killing Othawa? – and roaring together like that must certainly send a powerful message to any other males.

This week was amazing and we did tick a lot of boxes. The Birmingham males will still patrol their territory as per usual, every now and then meeting up to check in with the other brother.

Top video! Cubs are the best… do you think that 5 cubs may survive? Great to see the Tree Rivers Lady Leopard

Hi Francesca, thank you. It is difficult to say yet. If the Birmingham males hang around for another year then yes they will likely survive. However, life for any young cub is a huge challenge as there are threats around every corner, from other lions, leopards, hyenas, etc.

Spectacular virtual lion safari!

What a gorgeous video of the mother lioness with her 5 cubs!…what a handful!…. wonderful seeing the Birmingham males and the leopardess as well..thankyou guys!…

Thank you so much Pauli

This is such a great story about the lions. They are so cute, these five little ones!
I have a question: with four teats as you said and 5 cubs, will it be likely that they will all survive?

It is no guarantee that they will all survive, there is definitely one that is smaller but it will grow up to be one tough little lion. They are not outcompeted to the point where one will die, it still manages to feed just gets less than the rest.

Senior Digital Ranger

Ok thank you, maybe you can do a story on them soon. 🙂

I am ecstatic about those five little cubs that are so gorgeous. So happy that they are all alive and well. Good to see the three rivers female leopard again.

What an incredible video of this mother lion and her cubs. Thank you, thank you!

Senior Digital Ranger

OHHWW! What a wonderful family Sunday GIF and video.
If only the little Wugga-Wugga’s could stay small and cute, (and safe)! They all look so carefree and happy to be with their mama,.. and able to give her a kiss. Just so precious. – .. The look on the third tykadoo’s face is heart wrenching yet priceless. He’s like,..”What about me? .. Don’t I get a kiss?” ..”That’s not fair!” .. (Mama definitely has her favorite(s) picked out)

Ah what a super week. James your enthusiasm and excitement at finding the cubs was wonderful…I was on the edge of my seat too..and to find no less than 5 !!..what a plus. Sean, a perfect end meeting up with them all again. Do hope they all make it to adulthood 🙏❤️ of course we can’t not mention the Birmingham’s males…firstly one very grumpy father (perhaps) and then the two if them showing off that they have fought off the opposition and are back in control. Just great thanks guys ☺️❤️

Sean, Great video! You guys are having such good luck! Lion cubs – Yay!

This weeks video on the lion cubs was fantastic. Persistence and patience won this score of lion sightings. It was great to see so many cubbies. They are just so adorable and cute at that age. The Birmingham’s roar was the topper for me. The camera angles that you were able to get with the cubbies was excellent. Thanks for the time that you put in to making these videos.

Those lion babies and are precious and I hope that the littlest cub can grow up to be a scrappy tough fighter. He/she is going to have to box their way into a teat! Maybe mama can get them on meat very soon to give them more calories.

This totally brightened my Sunday, riding along on your quest to find the Ntsevu’s cubs and then – voila, five adorable little fluff balls of joy! Great tracking work by the team. Good to see the B boys intact and announcing their presence. Until, next Sunday’s video…..

Senior Digital Ranger

Great video!!! Fabulous footage. I noticed the Birmingham male that mom greeted was sore in the left front leg-hence the grumpiness. Maybe the fight with the Othawa? Such a horrifically sad ending but I know it allows these cubs to survive and that helps ease the loss.

Hi Johanna, yes it does look like he was in a bit of pain and hence the grumpiness. It could very well be a by-product of the fight with the Othawa male.

Absolutely wonderful!

Wow!!! Incredible footage of the lion cubs! Your persistence paid of royally!!

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