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on Virtual Safari: The Week in Video #60

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It’s always a gift to see such natural treasures. I wish the Nkoveni female the same success for her cubs as the twin sisters

Another awesome week for us all to enjoy …thanks Sean ! Still reeling from that close shave the Plaque rock female had, Almost seems that she had a premonition that there was more flak to come, being nervous prior to the Ntsevu’s arrival..
love the slow shutter speed of the Eli too 👌🏻💕

It was such a close shave for her just glad she made it out with no major injuries. Thank you for watching.

Watching your videos of the week are spectacular. Your camera angles and shots are very good. You give us the highlights along with the background information. Perfect

Thank you so much Linda.

Well, I guess I had to leave in order for the cubs to appear, just like my last visit. We searched and searched for a week and, nada! So, you’re welcome. All kidding aside, it was wonderful to see the fluffy, little cubs of the Nkoveni female trying to keep up with mum whilst watching everything around them. Looking forward to next Sunday.

So sorry to hear that, the cubs are really cute. Hopefully, you will be able to visit us again soon and we can show you some cubs on that visit.

Fabulous! But I keep seeing references in the comments about Plaque Rock’s close shave with the Ntsevu female – but I haven’t seen any footage of this, where can I find it?

Hi Suzanne, have a watch of this video https://youtu.be/7V3wESwkTeU
The Plaque Rock female has a very close shave with a lioness from the Ntsevu pride last week.

We so enjoy these virtual safaris. Now to get back to regular safaris! Thanks for another good virtual though!!!

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