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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Virtual Safari: The Week in Video #56

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Fantastic, James! I can’t believe Nanga managed to hoist that impale twice with her injured leg. As you say, it wasn’t full size but even so…..I was wincing as she moved it further up the tree. Just shows how incredibly strong and also balanced leopards are. The Othawa male footage was fabulous. He looks so magnificent, but if he comes up against both Birmingham males he won’t look so good afterwards!

James, I have much more appreciation for the Virtual Video now that I’ve returned home. Seeing the Nanga female struggle to walk, yet manage to make a kill and hoist it up the tree was amazing. Hopefully with rest and food, her injury will heal and she’ll be in top form again. Footage of the Othawa male was unbelievable-all his roaring causes goosebumps for sure and it’s so great to see so many young Buffalo calves. I wish I was still there!!

I hope that female leopard recovers from her leg injury. Luckily she has impala to eat while on the mend. Oh my goodness those roars from the Othawa male lions goes right through my heart. Must be magnificent to be right there when he roars like that. Such a majestic male lion. The buffalo calves are beautiful and there are so many of them. Wonderful video, thanks James

Thanks again, these videos really make my week. Just a question though…… the buffalo have a lot of grey spots and so on their skins. Are those illnesses (ringworm, scabies, etc.)? It does not look like dirt…………..

James, keep them 🤗

Another nice virtual safari James. Loved the roaring Othawa male – a fine specimen. Nice to see the buffalo herds recovering. I know they are a favourite snack of the lions (beefalo). I do hope that the injured leopard recovers, you really have to feel sorry for her. Glad she was able to retrieve her kill and get it back up the tree. Thanks James, really enjoyed it.

Any update on the Nanga female’s condition?

The Lion dynamics are really interesting right now! Love hearing and seeing them roaring! I do fear for the younger cubs though. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

James, You’re all cute and everything- a real man’s man , and coming from a woman that is meant in the highest regard !!
However, please get your pronouns correct, and conjugate the verb “to be” correctly when necessary, and watch your grammar. Other than that your perfect.😜 ( Sorry, it’s the teacher in me!) Obviously the safaris are amazing, because if that’s all I have to complain about… Actually my main “dream”in life is to visit, work, live and die at at Londolozi/ in the bush at peace with the earth . I am a South African living in Wisconsin in the US. I am jealous beyond description of your chance to bear witness to all you see on a daily basis.
My day is incomplete until I have read my Londolozi blog, and the Sunday virtual safaris are sublime. Give the elephants some loving for me- to me they represent- what humanity is so sorely missing – boldness, and at the same time displaying a gentleness defying description. Family above all else. No agenda, and an ability to interact with all levels of nature – other animals, and humankind. Their unique ability to find water beneath the soil further indicates their unique connection to the land as water is the source of life. They truly personify integrity, humanity, and it is humbling to even watch them on safari from so far away -snowy Wisconsin)
Warmly and sincerely,


;)That’s a response? For a person as eloquent as you – 😉 The least you can do is think of “ giving” some love to the elephants when you see them. It is I ( correct pronoun ;))!) who would be most grateful. I eagerly await next week’s virtual safari. Until then …


Senior Digital Ranger

Oh goodness! .. I get that the leopard is in the wild, but still, seeing it with an injured leg, is so painful to see. it’s amazing how it carries on to survive its hardship.

So little to add here James, …..just the perfect day for anyone to witness life in the raw at Londolozi !!! Gosh can’t wait to enjoy just a touch of what you get to have everyday 🙏🏻💗

Loved the Ottawa male segment of the video.

Terrific video this week James! The efforts fo the Nanga female, while ill-advised, were nothing short of heroic in terms of saving her kill and potentially her life. And the film of the Othawa male was brilliant!

Makes me so sad to see Moya/Nanga injured, and yet she can still climb and eat….hope that she recovers quickly. And the Othawa male is absolutely gorgeous…..and brave to be so bold in enemy territory!

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