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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Virtual Safari: The Week in Video #55

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Brilliant day spent with the lions James..what a beautiful setting indeed ! Have to say I would be more than a tad nervous to head towards mating leopard, on foot, knowing your landie had crooked…I was very relieved for you when the engineers arrived. Big shout out to them both. As you say the folk that are behind the scenes, keeping things running, are seldom given the praise they deserve !

James, keep them coming🤗

Unfortunately we did not see the leopards, but were fortunate to see the Nkuhuma pride feasting on a wildebeest, with the two male lions. Lovely sighting to see them all and resting on the sand. I was stressed for your part James when the Land Rover broke down. Thanks to the two mecanics that fixed the problem in no time.

Any sightings of the Tsalala lioness and her girl lately?

Very much enjoy trailing lions but you made a great point that we never hear about the unsung heroes of the camp like the mechanics.

How about tagging a 30 sec piece onto the end of each weekly video showcasing and introducing 2-4 of the minions that keep Londolozi sparkling/running including where they work and what their day is like. Such as mechanics, housekeeping, cooks (not just chefs), waiters, camp managers, photo lab specialists, souvanier shop workers, grounds keepers, road builders, canteen workers, school teachers, nurses, security men, poacher patrols, gardeners, grocery suppliers, builders/fixers of broken furniture, bartenders, logistics managers, and of course trackers and time permitting maybe even rangers and their teachers. 30 secs work work for each group and we would all feel closer to how much work the staff actually does to give us the wonderful experiences we live there!

Would also like to see a full video of a day in the life of a tracker/ranger team from when the alarm clock goes off until their head hits the pillow at night. How about it?

Loved #55, James! Although you scared us a tad when you were wandering around on foot looking for the mating leopards! Thank goodness for your repair guys, Themba and Melvin, I believe. They got you back in the driver’s seat! Excellent video!

James, you never disappoint!
A productive day despite the breakdown. And yes, more open credit is deserved by those behind the scene! They keep Londolozi running, literally. Seeing the resting lions in the sand vs the grasses had to be a treat. All of us held our breath as you approached on foot to explore. So defenseless. As always, job well done James!

Hi James. Very well done indeed. the intrepid Leopard and Lion explorer. Nerve wracking to watch! Beautiful shots and what a peaceful scene at the river! Thank you very much. Wendy M

Well, this is another fascinating virtual safari, including the twist of requiring the aid of two mechanics. Coming to the end of my week here, I really understand the behind the scenes staff that keeps Londolozi at the top of the safari destination lists.

Senior Digital Ranger

The energy of your “evening capture” James, is lovely. The two lions (the Birmingham and the Lioness) shows a literal story of two best pals, as well as a “Love story.”

Great “deep dive” inside the lives of some of the lions of Londolozi James!! I have a question and a comment. First the question; it seemed quite risky to wade through the thickets solo in search of the mating leopards. Was it as risky as it appeared, and if so what was your strategy for viewing undetected, and your exit strategy if detected (or not, for that matter!)? Now the comment; I was expecting, and only slightly disappointed that you were not visited with any abuse from your fellow rangers for breaking the steering during the search for the mating leopards. While I’m sure you weren’t wishing for a razzing, it’s always fun to see how you all tease one another when there’s a mishap! And as always, your self-effacing humor carries the day!!

More cubbies to come! Othawa is really a stunning lion!

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