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on The Healing Powers of Lions

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It is amazing how these animals survive severe injuries.

James, thanks for the reminder of how strong these lions are. We have watched many over the years battle through protecting their territory! Lion warfare can be brutal!

Fantastic story! I’m happy that it healed so well! Lions are fantastic, so powerful! Thank you for sharing!

This healing power of animals in general and this lion in particular is really amazing. And what a good-looking lion he is! Nature is a wonder every day.

Hello James I watched a documentary in which a lioness escaped with her cubs and her older daughter. She was severely wounded by a zebra and it seemed that she was about to die – and consequently her family too. Moreover she was followed by two male lions… in the end she recovered and saved her family. These animals are really amazing truly apex predators.

That is absolutely amazing how his gaping wound healed in two months. He is such a dynamic lion and has certainly proven he will survive. Nature in all its glory.

Very impressive. Presumably this applies to all the cats?….I’m trying to remember a blog from last year that showed a leopard (was it Nanga?) with a horrible wound, and that also healed beautifully.

This piece is a good reminder of the natural healing abilities of wildlife. I remember seeing the injury to the Tsalala lioness after her altercation with members of the Ntsevu pride as posted by you months ago. She also healed quickly. Perhaps it’s due to living standards- daily exercise, diet and inherent understanding of survival needs. At any rate, I’m just happy the Styx male is back to normal, although he looks a bit hungry.

As the saying goes … “as strong as a lion” which bears testament to their physical strength and endurance! Amazing to observe a live example of this though – thanks for sharing this positive outcome.

Crazy!! Stiff upper lip, and all!!

Hi James, the wounded male is actually the young Nkuhuma Male. The Styx Male looks a little more pristine, haha.

Thanks Michael, I always mix them up!

I can understand why so many of us “humans” are concerned when seeing the one of our favorite lions injured because we are aware what it would take for us to heal….not so the lion! Amazing.

It is amazing that lions manage to just heal things like that

This beautiful young male is very special to us who are devoted to WildEarth. So so glad that he has healed well and is still with the young Styx male

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