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Xinzele 4:4 Female

Xinzele 4:4 Female

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on Leopards Mating in a Riverbed

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Absolutely amazing sighing, great job thanks for sharing

Always fantastic to see leopards mating. Hoping it produce results.

Sean, I loved all the photos, Especially one leopard mating🤗

Senior Digital Ranger

they don’t have to keep 1,5 m distance !!

Master Tracker


Had the opportunity to view the mating process twice–exactly as you described Sean. In one instance, the staff were surprised at the youth of the female who was determined to succeed.

Hello Sean! I guess you have known the Xinzele female since her birth… so exciting! Will you follow her future attempts to get pregnant maybe with more males ?

Sean, thanks for the update on this beautiful young female. It would be great to see her successfully give birth to cubs! Fingers crossed!

A really nice series of photos of this pair, Sean. Xinzele is the daughter of who? Does she have an established territory?

Thanks-I like the story

The possibility of more leopard cubs is always good news so we’ll keep our fingers crossed. It seems the Finfoot and Nkuwa females could be next in the mating game if my math is correct, as they’re among the younger female leopards residing in Londolozi.
One day I hope to see for myself little blue eyed balls of fluff- perhaps in a couple of months during my next trip. Great photos Sean!

Great pictures. And hopefully a tiny cub soon.

I hope that the Xinzele female falls pregant with the flat rock male’s babies. They are both beautiful leopards, and she is mature now to mate and have babies. Beautiful foto’s of both of the leopards.

Let’s hope we have a litter (if that’s the collective term?), In the not too distant future Sean! What a handsome couple 🙏💕

No offense guys but sometimes i wish the FR male had more private life on his own without any cameras. All the best and thanks for the pictures.

Hoping for sweet adorable new little cubbies soon!

Nice to see that in the open and during the day!

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